Killer Queen Black: Physical Version Coming Later this Year

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Killer Queen Black

Xbox One™ & Nintendo™ Switch – US

  • This is inspired BY the 2013 game, Killer Queen.
  • The physical retail version IS coming to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch later this year.
  • Play as The Worker, The Soldier, or The Queen to execute the victory against others.


The highly anticipated online multi-player indie video game, Killer Queen Black, is coming to the physical retails store later this year for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The game publisher Nighthawk Interactive will be responsible for the physical release of this indie game.

According to Dualshockers, Killer Queen Black is expected to arrive on the Nintendo Switch this Summer. Meanwhile, the Xbox One is expected to launch this Fall.

For a brief background, Killer Queen Black is inspired by Killer Queen. Killer Queen is a real-time strategy platform video game developed by Josh DeBonis and Nikita Mikros, the founders of Bumblebear Games. It was launched last 2013 at New York University’s fourth annual “No Quarter” for indie games. Now, with the Killer Queen Black for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, it’s time to bring home the giant snail god!

Prepare for some extreme multiplayer action and strategy game. Play with up to eight players to bring home the bacon which is the giant snail god. Play as one of the three classes: The Worker, The Soldier, or The Queen to secure the victory in your own strategy in different methods and exhibitions.

Killer Queen Black features updated graphics and visuals along with a new soundtrack, game modes such as Quick Match, Ranked, Custom, six various battlefields available and five weapons to use: sword, stinger, morning star, lance, and laser rifle.

You can check out the gameplay video below via Kinda Funny Games.

Triumph as one with the physical version of Killer Queen Black for Xbox One & Nintendo Switch this 2019. Here at Playasia, this indie game is now available for pre-order. Click the button below to pre-order yours now!




  • Fast, reactive, intense online multiplayer action for up to eight players
  • Three game modes – Quick Match, Ranked, Custom
  • Easy to learn, but with a sky-scraping skill ceiling that encourages genuine teamwork and improvisation
  • Six unique battlefields with more being added all the time
  • Five distinct weapons – sword, stinger, morning star, lance, and laser rifle


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