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Air Conflicts Collection (Multi-Language)

Nintendo™ Switch – JAPAN

  • This is a flight simulation video game collection which includes Air Conflicts: Secret War and Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers.
  • It’s coming to Japan this August 1st for Nintendo Switch.
  • Multi-language subtitles available: Chinese, Japanese, English and Korean.


The German game publisher, Kalypso Media, has released the combat flight simulator video game collection Air Conflicts Collection (エアコンフリクト コレクション) or Air Conflicts Double Pack in North America and in Europe last March 2019 for Nintendo Switch.

Now, the Korean game publisher H2 Interactive will bring this combat flight simulator video game collection to the Japanese regions this August 1st.


The Japanese Version of Air Conflicts Collection is available in Multi-language options!

Subtitles: Traditional Chinese, Japanese, English and Korean | Voice: English

So, gamers out there, if you want the multi-language options of this Nintendo Switch game, you better grab this game on our website because it’s now available for pre-order. Click the button below to pre-order yours now!


Game Overview

Air Conflicts Collection is a combat flight simulator video game collection which includes Air Conflicts: Secret War and Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers.

Air Conflicts: Secret War sets in World War I and World War II. Players must complete the seven campaigns using fly and fight through the 49 missions. You can choose aircrafts available for the battle with their various abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Apart from that. the missions also feature several multiplayer modes whether it’s local or online up to four players.

Meanwhile, in Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers, you can choose from the US Navy or the Imperial Japanese Navy and let the flying battle begins. Experience the combat with the arcade flight sim as you relieve to the greatest battles during the War in the Pacific. Take a flight with your aircraft and equip it with real weapons. Be prepared with the air battle over the Pacific!



  • Seven campaigns, each based upon a resistance movement of the second world war
  • Action-packed gameplay delivers the excitement of serial combat in a manner accessible to everyone
  • Over 20 different landscapes, each individually detailed with period precision
  • Pilot more than 16 individual aircraft, in both World War One and World War Two settings
  • Machine gun your enemies, dog fight, bomb ground targets and rocket ground troops and enemy vehicles
  • More than 48 varied missions provide combat, stealth and exploratory gameplay
  • The player can choose between two control schemes: Arcade and simulation


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