Yo-kai Watch 4 for NS – Yokai’s future lies in the past!

Yo-kai Watch 4

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Yokai Adventure

Recorded on books and scrolls since the 8th Century; the so-called yokai are supernatural creatures of Japanese folklore. During the Edo period, more precisely in 1776, the scholar, poet, and ukiyo-e artist Toriyama Sekien published the first volume of The Illustrated Night Parade of a Hundred Demons (画図百鬼夜行); the first visual guide to the most popular yokai in four books.
Haunting the living society through many means; to survive all of them adapted to cultural environment’s changing. But what is a yokai? According to professor Michael Dylan Foster, they can be defined as “monsters, spirits, goblins, ghosts, demons, phantoms, specters, fantastic beings, lower-order deities, or, more amorphously, as any unexplainable experience or numinous occurrence“.

Actually, there are thousands of opuses which mention and explain their – sometimes – unique characteristics. Through the centuries, many scholars studied them, and the anthropologist Ema Tsutomu has classified the yokai in specific categories:

  • Five categories based on their “true form”: human, animal, plant, object, or natural phenomenon.
  • Four categories depending on the source of mutation: this-world related, spiritual/mental related, reincarnation/next-world related, or material related.
  • Seven categories based on external appearance: human, animal, plant, artifact, structure/building, natural object or phenomenon, and miscellaneous.

Luckily, these wonderful beings are very popular still today due to the precious contribution of Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan, Ushio and Tora, and obviously the greatly popular series Yo-kai Watch!

Born as a multimedia project which includes anime, toys, and video games; the first chapter has been released in 2013 for Nintendo 3DS. Starring Nate Adams & Katie Forester; in this adventure, they free a spirit trapped in a gacha-capsule, and as thanks, he gave to his saviors a strange device called Yo-kai Watch by which they could unveil, and communicate with spirits, and when necessary catch them inside special medals. Between main and side games, there are more than 20 chapters spanned for Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo WiiU, and mobile…until today…
Prepare for a grand journey through time and space with Yo-kai Watch 4 for Nintendo Switch!
Play and live three different stories, and get ready to be catapulted into the past, the present, and the future of Springdale. From 1960 to 2040 you’ll be literally buffeted back and forth in a new epic adventure that will shake the world from its basis. Including all the beloved human and yo-kai characters you’ve seen in the anime; in Yo-kai Watch 4 for NS, you’ll have also the great chance to meet a couple of true superstars: Kitaro and Medama-Oyaji from GeGeGe no Kitaro!

Thanks to its improved graphics, its exciting story, and for the first time the opportunity to swap between human and yokai characters during the battles; with the fourth episode, the Yo-kai Watch series reach new heights of phantasmagorical fun.
Don’t be afraid, even if spooky on the surface; the yokai just want to help you to save the thin line who separates the ages. Tie the strap, and summon all of them digitally or physically; Yo-kai Watch 4 for Nintendo Switch is the only game who can give you a memorable gameplay experience topped off with a big dose of Japanese culture!


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