Apex Legends Season 2 for PS4 & XB1 – I’m electrified!

Apex Legends Season 2

PlayStation®4, Xbox™One Ι Genre: Battle Royale

Released on February 4, 2019; Apex Legends is one of the greatest titles of the year. Surpassing 50million players in its first month, this is the main opponent of Fortnite. Set in the Titanfall universe, a mecha FPS, this new IP is set 30 years after the second episode; in which an almost forgotten violent sport has risen from the ashes to bring glory, fame, and fortune to all the winners. Praised globally; it’s the most exciting FPS since a very long time, and here at Playasia we often host tournaments to the death!
Obviously, we’ve played thousands of hours with Wild Frontier; Octane is our favorite character, and we simply love the way how the CEO of Silva Pharmaceuticals tried to become a champion bringing a huge dose of adrenaline among the battlefields… But stop remember those good, old days…finally, the Season 2 is now open!

Known as Battle Charge; it brings a bigger chest of treasures to make your Apex Legends‘ experience for PS4, and XB1 even more legendary. Let’s start with the new entrant ready to shoot far and wide to eradicate any other contenders for the champion throne.
Her name is Natalie “Wattson” Paquette, the queen of electricity! Like a modern version of Spider-Man’s Electro, she has the ability to generate electricity at a rate of about 5,000 volts per minute, and use it to create barriers and cages useful for a defensive playstyle.
Yes, more focused on defense than on attack; thanks to this engineer the e
xistence of the Modified Containment Ring is a reality. Despite her young age, she’s only 22yo, Wattson can bend electricity to her will.

But that’s not all! Indeed the Season 2 of Apex Legends for PS4, and XB1 comes with new modes, new weapons, new challenges, and a revolutionized battle pass. If you have a gargantuan appetite for destruction; then the mighty L-Star cannon is the best for you. Shooting massive plasma bullets; this beastly war device can increase your offensive power to previously unbelievable heights. And if you aim to the top; you’ll be happy to know that the much-improved battle pass can grant you the access to legendary hunts (and therefore to epic prizes) that will help you to refine your playstyle in order to beat the best opponents of the world.

It’s time to get into the arena with the new season of Apex Legends for PS4, and XB1!
Grab your weapon now! More than 20 million players are only waiting for you. Play hard with this digital-only wonder, and you’ll be thrilled to join this party!


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