RESHOOT R: Indie Side Scrolling for Amiga Now Available!

RESHOOT R, Signature Edition, Pure Edition, Amiga, Europe


Amiga – EUROPE

  • Two editions are available on our website: The Signature & The Pure Edition.
  • Same style with the original RESHOOT with updated colors, graphics, gameplay and tunes.
  • Thanks to Richard Löwenstein, RESHOOT R is looking incredible as ever!


Are you looking for a game that is suitable for the classic hardware which is famous during the 1980s, the Amiga? Spieleschreiber, or Richard Löwenstein, brought us the 2019 version of this indie shoot ’em up game entitled RESHOOT R for Amiga which was released on May 2019.

RESHOOT R is a shoot ’em up game for classic Amiga hardware. The main objective is to eliminate those enemy objects while you are also avoiding them. With this game, it features adrenaline gameplay, high-quality animation, difficulty levels, and wicked graphics like you’ve never seen in the Amiga. Indie and retro gamers will definitely love this game.

If you are curious with the gameplay of RESHOOT R, check the video below from Saberman.

There are two editions available for RESHOOT R: the Pure Edition and the Signature Edition. The Pure Edition only includes the game on CD-ROM and manual with making-of. Meanwhile, the Signature Edition includes the game on CD-ROM, soundtrack on Audio-CD and the manual with making-of.

If you want to buy this, here are the system requirements of RESHOOT R below via Indie Retro News.

  • Amiga 1200, Amiga 4000 or CD32
  • Joystick or CD32 compatible pad
  • 2 MB chip memory, more memory supported
  • runs on compatible Amiga emulators on Windows, Mac, and Linux


RESHOOT R, Signature Edition, Pure Edition, Amiga, Europe

Let’s go back to the retro classic with the Pure and Signature Edition of RESHOOT R for Amiga. Here at Playasia, it’s now available on our website. Click the button below to grab your copies right now!


RESHOOT R, Signature Edition, Pure Edition, Amiga, Europe

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  • Handcrafted to Amiga-hardware
  • Autofire option
  • Multiple layers of organic fog-effects and smooth parallax scrolling
  • Lots and lots of colors, worthy of the Amigas AGA-chipset
  • Steady 50 Hertz frame-rate for smooth gameplay experience
  • Sound-fx and several music tracks
  • Runs on basic A1200, A4000, and CD32 hardware, no extensions needed
  • Also runs on any compatible AMIGA-emulator (Windows, Mac, Linux and more)


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