Genkai Tokki Moero Crystal H for NS – Wow, 30% off, isn’t this ecchiting?

Genkai Tokki Moero Crystal H

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: H JRPG

Used since the end of the 80s inside the otaku subculture; the term Moe (萌え) indicates something fascinating, especially in the ultra-pop manga & anime universe. Originally a slang word, through the years even more people have started to use it, and now it has reached the rank of “real” word. In fact, from the early 21st Century, Moe concept has started to appear, at first timidly and then with greater awareness, to promote on TV, magazines, & above all internet a vast range of different products. Nowadays, Moe is an important cultural phenomenon that moves billions of yen every year, not only in Japan but also abroad.
Acquiring popularity year by year, Moe aesthetic portrays non-human beings, items, concepts, or phenomena such as cute girls, often with parodistic intent. Richly alluding; anime series like Kemono Friends, Yuru Camp or Himouto! Umaru-chan are the perfect examples of what it means being Moe. But that’s not all; Moe has also used very frequently also in video games, every year in Japan hundreds of Moe-inspired titles are released. Some of them can be found in normal shops, while some others can be found only in specific fair such as the Comiket. Anyway among them there’s one IP who stands out above all the other ones: Genkai Tokki!

Started in 2013, this is the best gaming reference for all those are interested in Moe aesthetic.
Composed of five episodes: Monster Monpiece, Genkai Tokki Moero Chronicle, Genkai Tokki Moero Crystal, Genkai Tokki Seven Pirates & Genkai Tokki Castle Panzers; this is the quintessence of this global pop-culture phenomenon. Providing an exciting (in every way) gameplay system, and wonderful anime-style graphics; finally a new Genkai Tokki episode will arrive on Nintendo Switch next week… Genkai Tokki Moero Crystal H!
Hotter, Happier & Harder (😉) than ever; this brand new version of the PSVita classic is a boon for all the Nintendo Switch owners. The story starts with the appearance of the “Dimensional Chasm” in the skies when the “Bra of Everlasting Darkness” and the “Panties of Hope” were stolen. The world is now on the edge of falling into the rift… it is up to Zennox, a handsome lecher known as the walking pervert who encounters ‘lucky accidents’ whenever around pretty girls, to rescue the world by retrieving all sorts of stolen bras.

Including all the ecchiting DLCs released plus ALL the extremely beautiful monster girls seen in the original chapter; Genkai Tokki Moero Crystal H for NS comes with 6 new charming mongals: Tiamat, Tengu, Kesaran Pasaran, Devil, Angel, and Cockatrice is a game that you can’t miss to play. Thanks to the “Insert” mechanic; this time you can experience a whole new build-up, release, and insert battle system, and also be able to rebuke the monster girls using the improved rubbing, pinching, panty-wearing mechanics. Preciously enriched with a lot of fanservice and original contents; this RPG brings an irresistible, bursting experience on Nintendo Switch.
Delve deeply into dungeons with a legendary party of gorgeous mongals, and engage in exciting tactical battles with a focus like no other game. Find and exploit the weak spots of enemy monster girls, with a very unique outfit degradation feature accompanied by appropriate sounds, animations, and poses!

With Genkai Tokki Moero Crystal H for NS you can capture the digital-only hearts of all the monster girls you’ll meet; get ready to go Moe with it!
Also, spread the love as much as you can with the legendary 30% off pre-order campaign. Yes, only until September 4th at 11:59 pm (Japan Time); you can get the game at the insane price of 2,800 JPY (instead of 4,000 JPY)!!!
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