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Blair Witch

Xbox™One Ι Genre: Meet the Witch

What is a witch? According to the dictionary, this term indicates someone who claims to have magic powers and to be able to use them for good or bad purposes, but it was not always so.
In origin they were considered wise women who normally knew the healing qualities of plants, and use them to restore the health of the villagers; revered by people for their knowledge, witches were regarded as goddesses on Earth, indeed some of them were also priestesses or shamans which were constantly in contact with the spiritual world.
In a few words, witches, at the beginning were positive figures whose main occupation was to bring prosperity to their village and their inhabitants. But why they turned into scary, dangerous, and malevolent characters?
There are a lot of studies on this topic, some tell that the conquer of territories by civilizations who worshipped masculine deities saw them as a threat, while some other say that with these pagan beliefs weren’t any more tolerated by people who started to go in temples or churches to listen to the sermons of priests. Whatever the real facts are, one thing is certain; witches were a threat because they couldn’t be controlled by power. So the authorities including kings started the hunt them to preserve their power over the masses.

From mid-1300, with the spread of the black death even more people have started to think that they were the main cause of the plague; due to the connection with the devil. So in a few decades, witches changed from healers into death bringers with the consent of the establishment.
While in the first times this belief was relatively limited to certain areas of Europe; the publication of Malleus Maleficarum in 1486 boost the fear among common, ignorant masses creating an actual global scale hysteria. This book known also as The Hammer of the Witches has been written by the German Dominican priest Heinrich Kramer; it is nothing but a practical guide about how to recognize a witch, and how she could ensnare the mind of the people. Divided into three sections; Section 1 describes the witchcraft from a theological point of view, Section 2 explains the most used strategies and powers of the witches, while Section 3 indicates the best methods to pursue them.
Unfortunately for many innocent women who have been tortured and killed; the Malleus Maleficarum was a true bestseller throughout the whole Middle-Ages, and for over 200 years, it was the most sold book in Europe (Bible apart).

Appearing in thousands of movies, comics, series, and video games; witches slowly retook their positive background against the established power. Personalities such as Bayonetta, Kiki, and Hermione Granger are globally renowned as contemporary heroines which use their magic spells to help the descendants of their persecutors. But not all of them are so kind, in the world, there are still some witches who can’t/won’t forget what happened to their sisters; without any doubt, the scariest one is the Blair Witch.
Her name was Elly Kedward, and in 1785 she has been accused of witchcraft in the town of Blair, Maryland. So, the good, righteous inhabitants banned her in the surrounding forests. A new legend was born…
Now to keep the memory alive; Bloober Team dedicated a thrilling video game on her: Blair Witch for Xbox One!
Providing a truly immersive psychological first-person experience; in this adventure full of horrors you’re Ellis, a private detective who has been hired to investigate over the disappearing of a child in the Black Hills Forest; in there, there’s more than animals, trees, and unspoiled nature…a dark presence who doesn’t accepts the presence of strangers…

Brave the deadly dangers in Blair Witch for XB1, you need a strong psychological fortitude to proceed to find the solution of this bizarre case; get ready to deal with the most disturbing hallucinations from your past, and a grotesque presence that haunts your steps. Wander across the forest in search of any clue that could lead to the child, and above all to his kidnapper; nothing is as it seems here.
Caught in a living nightmare, its intense story, realistic environments, and gritty film-like graphics are the finest ingredients for the greatest horror experience of the year. Enjoy its sublime taste unhurriedly, and explore every corner of the Black Hills Forest; if you will do it well you can discover a lot of surprises that could help you during the investigation.
Carve your own path digitally or physically, but don’t forget to keep a pair of fresh pants near you…


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