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Astral Chain

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: AAA Game [Astral Action Adventure Game]

Vanquish, Bayonetta, NieR: Automata; all these titles have one thing in common, they’re spectacular action titles developed by the epic PlatinumGames!
Founded in 2007 by three superstars of the game industry: Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil), Hideki Kamiya (Devil May Cry) & Atsushi Inaba (Ōkami); this company represents the peak when we talk of high-octane action games. Their distinguished career has started with MadWorld for Nintendo Wii; loosely inspired by Frank Miller’s Sin City visual novel, this game is set in Varrigan City. Conquered by a terrorist group called The Organizers who keep in check all its inhabitants, the city is not entirely defeated; Jack Cayman, a powerful anti-hero with a chainsaw placed on his right arm, for very personal reasons finds himself to be the savior of Varrigan.
Thanks to its unique black & white art style, fast ‘n’ furious gameplay, and a simply unforgettable soundtrack MadWorld shown the way to hundreds of aspiring developers out there. Since then, PlatinumGames has collected one success after another; all of them created a solid reputation making it one of the three top game studios in the world.
So far they’ve worked on 15 titles which main characters became true pop-cultural icons; just to name a few, the aforementioned Jack Cayman, Bayonetta, YoRHa androids, and so on…

But today is a very special day; in fact, a new PlatinumGames original IP makes its debut on Earth, the much-awaited Astral Chain for Nintendo Switch!
This truly A(stral)A(ction)A(dventure) game, is set in 2078. Humanity lives inside The Ark, a huge, multicultural & rich megalopolis designed taking inspiration from Tokyo, and New York. Divided into five districts it recalls the good, old cyberpunk aesthetic made famous by masterpieces like Blade Runner, Neuromancer or Ghost in the Shell. In there the life of billion of people flows relatively peacefully until the day when from the dimension known as Astral Plane, hordes of interdimensional monsters called Chimeras appeared; big, savage, and highly destructive, these creatures bring corruption practically everywhere.
To face them the Police set up a special division of skilled agents: the Neuron Task Force. Equipped with the latest hi-tech weapons & devices; they’re the last bulwark of survival. In Astral Chain for NS, you’re the new recruit of Neuron, partnered with Akira Howard, you must destroy all the Chimeras to prevent the destruction of the world as we know it.

Featuring the astonishing art-style of Masakazu Katsura [the mangaka behind Video Girl Ai, Zetman, and I”s] & the traditional thumb-burning ultra action mechanics developed by PlatinumGames; Astral Chain for Nintendo Switch is another gem that in few words…MUST BE PLAYED!
With this game, once again this out of this world studio revolutionized the concept behind action game definition from the roots creating brand new a whole universe in which the laws of terrestrial physics are canceled. Fully loaded with stellar ‘n epic non-stop action, gorgeous cut scenes, and stylish battles against armies of raging invaders, this is an experience that you’ll not forget easily!
Fast, fluid and ultra frenetic; it is a unique & explosive cocktail that will let you taste a very brutal gameplay experience.

Jump, flip, run & smash through the massive Ark slicing digitally or physically as many foes as you can; Astral Chain for NS unleash your inner fury turning you into the ultimate weapon for billions of people…act fast before everything’s gone!


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