Deemo Reborn for PSVR Available in Multi-language | Pre-order Now!

Deemo Reborn, Deemo, PS4, PSVR, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, Asia, Multi-language, Pre-order

Deemo Reborn (Multi-Language)

PlayStation 4™, PlayStation VR™ – ASIA

  • This is the remake of the mobile game app Deemo.
  • Now, Rayark games will bring it to the PS4 that’s compatible with PSVR and with Multi-language options available: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese.
  • Standard and Premium Edition are both available for pre-order!


Deemo was first released for the Nintendo Switch on October 2018 in Japan. Now, Rayark Games will bring this rhythm game to the PlayStation 4 that’s compatible with PlayStation VR on November 21st both physically and digitally in Japan. According to Gematsu, this game will be available to the West via digital with the same release date in Japan.


Here at Playasia, the Asian Version of this rhythm video game from Rayark Games, Deemo Reborn for PlayStation 4 compatible with PlayStation VR will have a physical release. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL, because the Asian physical release is available in MULTI-LANGUAGE! Here are the available languages: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean and Japanese!

Deemo Reborn, Deemo, PS4, PSVR, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, Asia, Multi-language, Pre-order

The Asian Version of Deemo Reborn is now available for pre-order here on our website. Click the button below to pre-order your copies right now!



Deemo Reborn, Deemo, PS4, PSVR, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, Asia, Multi-language, Pre-order

Not just the standard edition available. We also open the pre-orders for the Asian Premium Edition of Deemo Reborn! So, if you want the Premium Edition, click the button below to pre-order yours now!


Game Overview

Deemo is a rhythm game from Rayark Games, a game company located in Taiwan. It was first released for iOS and Android last November 2013. With the success of the mobile platform, the PlayStation Vita version was launched entitled Deemo: Last Recital in 2015. Then, the Nintendo Switch version released in 2018 then followed with the remake entitled Deemo Reborn. Now, the PS4 users will get to experience the groove on the beat with this rhythm game in November.

Check out the trailer below.

Read more about the game here.



  • From 2D to 3D – Witness the rebirth of DEEMO! A full 3D remake of the dreamy picture book world of DEEMO. The PlayStation®4 brings the world of DEEMO to life like never before, inviting the player to experience the story in even more depth! A new Exploration mode allows the player to solve puzzles and unlock all-new stories
  • Music and Exploring – DEEMO -Reborn- consists of two Mode; exploring the castle with the little girl, and rhythm games as you play the pieces as Deemo. Exploring the castle will reveal countless puzzles and switches. Solving these will reward you with new sheet music, and playing those, in turn, will widen your options for Exploring. The music part, one of the best things about DEEMO, offers new playstyles in DEEMO -Reborn-, including difficult songs to learn and play
  • Choose between VR Mode or TV Mode for a wider range of fun! – Deemo -Reborn- also supports PlayStation®VR. Play the approaching notes with two PlayStation®Move motion controllers. Experience the story and music of DEEMO like never before! TV Mode offers an easy way to explore this beautiful world, allowing you to play the new DEEMO with button controls. DEEMO -Reborn- offers a combination of these two approaches that are fantastic each in its way!


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