Build Your Own Empire In Empire Of Sin Coming This 2020 I Pre-order Now!

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Empire of Sin

PS4™, XONE™, and Switch – EU and North America

  • Empire of Sin is a real-time simulation strategy game inspired by real-life figures in 1920s Chicago during the Prohibition Era.
  • Be a mob boss and create your own criminal empire.
  • The game is bound to release in 2020 and pre-order is now available here at Playasia.


Empire of Sin is an upcoming real-time simulation game developed by Romero Games and published by Paradox Interactive to be released in the second quarter of 2020 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch consoles.

The game is inspired by real-life figures in Chicago during the Prohibition Era. The player takes the role of one of the mob bosses who control the actions of its underlings to take over the opponents’ business and recruit new members to their cause while defending their own empire from the other bosses. This exciting strategy game will bring you back to the glamour of the 1920’s criminal underworld, giving you a chance to thrive in the gritty underbelly of organized crime.


In Empire Sin players took the role of a crime boss in the Prohibition Era, starting in 1920 and trying to gain control of Chicago by 1933. As the boss, you can enlist up to 16 underlings from 60 potential ones to manage your empire of questionable business such as speakeasies, casinos, and brothels, protecting them from the law and rival mafia gangs, while trying to extend their own influence by taking over others.

The game uses alcohol as a type of currency to extend the empire’s influence. Alcohol can be made by breweries under the player’s control, given to the player by allies, or rewarded as part of completing various missions. The quality of alcohol can impact its influence; poor quality alcohol can be made cheaply and initially sold at a high profit, but over time will lose its value.

Taking over another business may involve direct combat, during which the game enters a turn-based tactical role-playing game similar to X-Com, or can occur through other persuasive means, including short-term alliances with other gangs to defeat a common foe. Controlling more territory gives the gang boss more funds to better arm their underlings or to recruit new members.


empire of sin, xone, xbox one ,ps4, playstation 4 ,nintendo switch, switch, eu, europe, US, north america, release date, gameplay, features, price, pre-order, romero games, paradox interactive

Hustle and intimidate your way to the top and do whatever it takes to stay up there in Empire of Sin, now available for pre-order here at Playasia.


Here below are the game’s trailer, features and screenshots for you to enjoy:



  • Build A Crime Empire Raise your criminal empire from the ground up by selecting your racket of choice (be it speakeasies, union protection, or casinos) and building a team of loyal mobsters to make your mark on the streets. Once you make a name for yourself, expand your influence by taking over rival territory and add more endeavors to your repertoire.
  • Defend and Expand Territory If it comes to blows, hypothetically of course, and your posse needs to send a message, face off in brutal turn-based combat. Strategically recruit your goons and build strong chemistry within your crew to maximize combat damage and help secure your hold on the city.
  • Living, Breathing World – Explore the streets of vibrant 1920s Chicago and interact with a full cast of living, breathing characters each with lives of their own that inform how they react to what you do (or don’t do). Schmooze, coerce, seduce, threaten, or kill them to get your way.
  • Wield Your Influence Make and break alliances, bribe cops, and trade on the black market to raise your faction rating and expand your crime family. But always keep your enemies close and ensure you have a mole on the inside and eyes everywhere.
  • Multiple Victory Strategies – Whether you make it to the top with violence, social influence, or city-wide notoriety, there are a number of ways to become King or Queen of Chicago. With various starting conditions and constantly changing crew dynamics, no two playthroughs will ever be the same.

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