Yo-kai Watch 1 for NS – Back to the roots!

Yo-kai Watch 1

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Yokai Adventure

Present since immemorial time in Japanese culture; the yokai are supernatural creatures that are capable of great wonders and miracles. Thanks to movies and anime series like Yokai Monsters: Spook Warfare or GeGeGe no Kitaro, supernatural superstars like Kappa, Tengu, Kasa-obake, and Tanuki are global pop-icons present on hundreds of different products from toys to food.
But what the term yokai mean? The word is formed by two characters: yo (妖) and kai (怪). Taken individually; the previous means “mysterious/strange” while the latter means “wonder”. These two addends result“something strange that can be considered a wonder”. The golden age of yokai culture is the Edo Period; indeed during that peaceful era, we can witness a flourish of tales both oral and written in which yokai are the absolute protagonists.

But someone has gone beyond creating serious encyclopedias about them; the first one is The Illustrated Night Parade of a Hundred Demons (画図百鬼夜行). Compiled by the scholar, poet, and ukiyo-e artist Toriyama Sekien, and published in 1776; this is a visual guide in four books who explain in detail the shape, powers, and habits of the most popular yokai throughout Japan. Since then studies about these creatures continued relentlessly, and in 1923 the Japanese anthropologist Ema Tsutomu divided them into different categories:

During these years we have witnessed a rebirth of this field of study, and without any doubt, one of the biggest contributions of this revamped popularity is due to the ultra-popular phenomenon known as Yo-kai Watch!

Born as a multimedia project which includes anime, toys, and video games; the first chapter has been released in 2013 for Nintendo 3DS. Starring Nate Adams & Katie Forester; in this adventure, they free a spirit trapped in a gacha-capsule, and as thanks, he gave to his saviors a strange device called Yo-kai Watch by which they could unveil, and communicate with spirits, and when necessary catch them inside special medals. Between main and side games, there are more than 20 chapters spanned for Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo WiiU, and mobile.
This Thursday you must ger prepared for a grand return to the origin of the series with the release of Yo-kai Watch 1 for Nintendo Switch!

Starring Nate Adams and Katie Forester, two common students who live in Springdale, the first episode tell how their lives changed with a single gacha-roll.
Yes, you’ve read right all has started with a little and apparently normal capsule, but instead of finding a toy, they’ve found a ghost called Whisper. As thanks to set him free, the spirit gave them a strange device called Yo-kai Watch; from that day they could see the invisible inhabitants of this world, and use their powers to set things right. Including more than 200 yokai to discover; in Yo-kai Watch 1 for NS you can relive the first tale of Nate preciously enriched with revamped graphics, new ghosts to battle & capture, and new items that will make your voyage even more thrilling.

Delve into the core of Japanese folklore with Yo-kai Watch 1 for NS; with this game, all the family can have hours of incredible phantasmagorical fun. Don’t be afraid, even if spooky on the surface; the yokai just want to help you to bring peace and tranquility among their physical counterparts.
Tie the strap, and summon all of them digitally or physically; travel back to the origin of the series, and you’ll easily discover why the Yo-kai Watch series is so popular among the living ones!


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