Giga Wrecker Alt. Physical Release for Switch Coming to Japan on October 24th!

Giga Wrecker Alt., Giga Wrecker, Nintendo Switch, Switch, Japan, Pre-order

Giga Wrecker Alt.

Nintendo™ Switch – JAPAN

  • This is the physical release for the Nintendo Switch and it’s coming in Japan on October 24th.
  • Standard and Collectors Editions are both available for pre-order.
  • TWO DAYS LEFT TO PRE-ORDER! Pre-order yours now here at Playasia!


Good news for the physical enthusiasts out there! Rising Star Games will bring the physical version of the puzzle game Giga Wrecker Alt. for the Nintendo Switch in Japan. According to Nintendo Soup, it was revealed in the Weekly Famitsu issue. The game is scheduled for the October 24th release.

Giga Wrecker Alt. is a combination of platform, combat and intense puzzle game by Rising Star Games. It was first released in the Western regions via digital on May 2nd. The digital release in Japan was also scheduled for the same date as well. However, due to various circumstances, the game publisher announced the delay in Japan. Now, along with the physical release, the digital version has scheduled this October as well.

Planet Earth is invaded by the robots and now the fate of the planet is now in the hands of a young girl who becomes more than a human. Reika Rekkeiji will step up to save humanity from the notorious Ajeet from evil. Takedown those robots with the help of Reika’s weapons, skills, and tools. Use them to overcome the struggles and obstacles as you solve puzzles through the platform-laden levels. Get ready to eliminate the robot invades to save humanity from the brink of extinction.

If you are curious about the gameplay, check out the video below from Throneful below.


Giga Wrecker Alt., Giga Wrecker, Nintendo Switch, Switch, Japan, Pre-order

The physical release of Giga Wrecker Alt. is coming to Japan on October 24th! You only have two days left to pre-order. But don’t worry because here at Playasia, it’s now open for pre-order. Click the button below to pre-order yours right now!


Giga Wrecker Alt., Giga Wrecker, Nintendo Switch, Switch, Japan, Pre-order

Meanwhile, it’s not only the Standard Edition available for pre-order but also the Collector’s Edition is also available as well for pre-order. Check out the inclusions of the following below.

Box contents

  • Switch Game: Giga Wrecker Alt.
  • Artbook
  • Soundtrack CD




  • Discover a brand new exciting 2D action-adventure from legendary Japanese developer Game Freak!
  • Smash enemies and destroy scenery, then manipulate the debris to create all kinds of weapons and tools that can help you
  • Solve physics-based puzzles, overcome fiendish traps and face off against powerful bosses hell-bent on your destruction!
  • Gather experience and blueprints to expand your skills and abilities, then take the fight to the evil Ajeet and save humanity!


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