Journey to the Savage Planet: Step on the Colorful Planet on January 2020 | Pre-order Now!

Journey to the Savage Planet, 505 Games, PS4, XONe, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Pre-order, US, Europe

Journey to the Savage Planet

PlayStation 4™ & Xbox One™ – US & EU

  • This is the first game from Typhoon Studios from Montreal, Canada.
  • It’s coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 28, 2020.
  • Pre-order your copies right now here at Playasia!


Explore the colorful world full of twists! Do you want to explore an exotic planet? Well, if you do, you better welcome the first game from the new Typhoon Studios from Montreal entitled Journey to the Savage Planet. The game is set to release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This is an upbeat co-op adventure game that welcomes you to the bright and colorful world on January 28, 2020.

Check out The Game Awards 2018 Reveal Trailer below.

A vibrant and colorful world is waiting for an employee of Kindred Aerospace. Explore the uncharted planet that’s unknown and far away from the universe. However, you have no plans and minimal pieces of equipment are only available to explore this colorful planet. Determine if the planet you have dropped off is fit for human habitation.

Play with your friends or as a solo. During the game, you can upgrade your tools such as a laser pistol, a rocket pack and more. Take advantage of the beauty of Planet AR-Y 26 in four different Biomes as you encounter various creatures with different behaviors, threats, and abilities. The main question of this game is are you really the first one to step on this colorful planet? So, solve the mystery!

To familiarize yourself with the gameplay, check out the video below.


Journey to the Savage Planet, 505 Games, PS4, XONe, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Pre-order, US, Europe

Step and take on an adventure in the unknown planet in Journey to the Savage Planet for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Here at Playasia, it’s now available for pre-order. Click the button below to pre-order your copies right now!




  • 2-PLAYER ONLINE CO-OP: Play solo or bring a friend. Onward to adventure!
  • UPGRADE TO ADVANCE: Access new areas by upgrading your tools including a laser pistol, a rocket pack for boost jumps, rocket boots for swift descents and more. Your trusty 3D printer will turn any old space trash you discover into useful items!
  • EXPLORE, FIGHT & CATALOG: Survey 4 different Biomes on Planet AR-Y 26. Scan and catalog alien flora and fauna at your own pace. Discover 30+ creatures, each with unique behaviors, threats, and abilities. Complete player-driven quests while uncovering hundreds of collectibles and secrets along the way
  • UNCOVER THE MYSTERY: Are you truly alone? Solve the mystery to complete your survey of the planet


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