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Nintendo™ Switch – JAPAN

  • Finally, Obakeidoro! is coming to the physical retail stores on December 19th in Japan for Nintendo Switch.
  • It was first released via the Nintendo e-Shop Japan as a digital game.
  • Play as a human or as a monster to finish the mission in three minutes.


A win for the physical collectors out there! Three weeks ago, the game publisher Free Style had exciting news for the asymmetric multiplayer game entitled Obakeidoro! (オバケイドロ!) First, the game has sold over 40,000 copies via Nintendo eShop Japan. To celebrate the milestone, the price in Japan eShop was discounted.

Wait, folks, there’s more! Along with the discounted price in the Nintendo eShop in Japan (from October 19-November 4), Obakeidoro! is coming to the retail store on December 19th! (Please take note: No English language support announced as of the moment.)

For a brief background, Obakeidoro! is an asymmetrical multiplayer game from Free Style Games. It was first released for Nintendo Switch via digital-only in Japan in August 2019. According to Gamasutra, it was first exhibited during the Japan Entertainment Festival (Zentame) last year with 600 players tried and tested this game. Now, it’s the time for the physical enthusiasts out there to experience this game in December!

You only got three minutes to accomplish the mission. Let’s get to the thrilling and heart-pounding struggle as a human or as a monster. Choose from the two teams (Human team and Monster Team) to complete the mission for three minutes. If you choose the Monster Team, the main objective is to catch all humans within the time limit. Meanwhile, if you choose the Human team, you must escape within three minutes from the Monster. Utilize your skills to execute the plan and turn the tables against the Monster.

If you are curious about the gameplay, check out the video below from IGS – Impact Game Station.


Obakeidoro!, Obakeidoro, オバケイドロ!, Free Style Games, Switch, Nintendo Switch, Pre-order, physical

Escape the monster or hunt down humans in the physical release of Obakeidoro! (オバケイドロ!) for the Nintendo Switch coming on December 19th. Here at Playasia, this asymmetrical multiplayer game is now available for pre-order. Click the button below to pre-order your copies right now!



  • Human Team – Keep at least 1 human out of jail for 3 minutes
  • Monster Team – Catch all human within 3 minutes



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