Yo-Kai Watch 4++ for PS4 & NS – Fight the new Great Yokai War!

Yo-Kai Watch 4++

PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Pop-ghostly adventure

Based in Fukuoka, Level-5 is surely one of the most interesting publishers among the whole game industry. Founded in 1998 by Akihiro Kino, the mind behind the OverBlood series which the first chapter was also the first survival horror completely in 3D, in just 21 years this company has released so many series who goes beyond the video games to appear also in anime, manga, books, and a lot of other portings.
Well, all of you heard (at least once in life) names like Professor Layton, Ni no Kuni, & Inazuma Eleven; but they’re not the only ones, in fact, Level-5 released probably the biggest threat for Nintendo’s Pocket Monsters; obviously, we’re referring to Yo-Kai Watch!
Cataloged for the first time in the 1776’s book The Illustrated Night Parade of a Hundred Demons (画図百鬼夜行); Yokai occupies a special place in the cultural legacy of Japan. Throughout the country, there are several thousands of ghosts, goblins, or supernatural phenomena which are all considered yokai. From the friendly & funny Kasa-Okabe to the mysterious and threating Nue, there are plenty of opuses in which they’re the absolute superstars. In the last years; they’ve invaded successfully also the western countries supplanting creatures like vampires, werewolves or witches. This is due to the translations of manga like GeGeGe no Kitaro, the apparition of serious scholar treaties on the subject, and also to the release of the Yo-Kai Watch series!

So far, the Yo-Kai Watch series was exclusive for Nintendo systems, for from this Thursday it’ll be not anymore; yes, because Yo-Kai Watch 4++ will be out also on PlayStation 4!
In this brand new thrilling adventure, you’ll experience a magnificent journey through time and space; living three different stories among the past, the present, and the future of Springdale. Like a Japanese version of Mart McFly (but without Doc) get ready to travel from 1960 to 2040; you will be literally buffeted back and forth in a new epic adventure that will shake the world from its basis. Including all the beloved human and yokai characters you’ve seen in the anime; Yo-Kai Watch 4++ for PS4 & NS is enriched with new extras that have been created especially for this version.
Give a boost to your yokai knowledge meeting the fierce Nobase Tonman, the wise Rai Oton, and the sneaky Tsuchi-no-Ko; these three new faces together with the very well known Whisper, Jibanyan & Komasan will bring you in a lot of previously unexplored places including the peaceful residential area called Dadanzaka area or the darkly, hellish Kamayude Jigoku area!

In case you already own the original fourth episode on Nintendo Switch, you may have the opportunity to upgrade it for just a box of quarters; including also improved graphics, an exciting story, and for the first time the opportunity to swap between human and yokai characters during the battles; Yo-Kai Watch 4++ for PS4 & NS reaches new heights of phantasmagorical fun!
Don’t be afraid; stop the wicked influence of Saranaki joining your powers with Enma, and Nurarihyon before time and space dimensions change forever. Even if spooky on the surface; the yokai are here to help you to save the world of the livings.

Tie the strap, and summon all of them digitally or physically; with Yo-kai Watch 4++ for PS4 & NS, you may have a real supernatural experience topped off with a big dose of Japanese culture!


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