Puzzle and Dragons Gold for NS – Heroes, use your heads!

Puzzle and Dragons Gold

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Shining Puzzle Game

November 1979; this date doesn’t mean anything for the majority of the people, but if you a true puzzle game fan, you’ll surely know that it marks the release of Heainkyo Alien, the first puzzle game ever released on computer.
Developed by a group of students of the TOkyo DAIgaku’s Theoretical Science Group; Heiankyo Alien sees a Kebiishi (検非違使 – a squad of police commissioners normally used as a military force during the Heian period) save the former capital of Japan from an alien invasion digging holes in which these creatures must fall. Attracting a lot of interest, also due to the release of Space Invaders one year before, this title soon became an actual milestone who gave birth to a brand new genre which is very popular still today.
In fact, through the decades, hundreds of epic puzzle games have been released shaking the minds of millions of players from all over the world; renowned names like Tetris, Marble Madness, Puyo Puyo, Dr. Mario, and Puzzle Bobble are still popular also among the new generations.
But, it’s only with the advent of mobile devices that the whole genre has witnessed a sort of renaissance, and this increase of popularity is mainly due to a single game: Puzzle and Dragons!
Appeared on iOS and Android in 2012; Puzzle and Dragons took the puzzle games to new heights incorporating elements from the most renowned JRPG and Strategy games. With more than 80millions of downloads on a global scale; this series is the second most played mobile app of all time.

Offering also dozens of important collaborations with the greatest pop-icons ever including Super Mario, Voltron, Batman, Street Fighter, Ghost in the Shell, Kamen Rider, and many many others; Puzzle and Dragons reached a so big number of fans that it is now considered as the Rolls Royce of mobile puzzle games.
Finally, this week Puzzle and Dragons is ready to make the most significant step in its history; yes, for the very first time, the series will appear on a console, and there’s nothing better than Nintendo Switch to play with Puzzle and Dragons Gold!

Featuring a new, immersive story that will let you discover the most hidden secrets of the series; in this episode, you’ll join your forces & skills with the brave red-haired boy Taiga Akashi. Since he was a little child, he tried with all his might to become the best Takoyaki chef of Japan, but in order to do it there’s one thing which is absolutely necessary…money. So, Taiga and his brother Ryuji decided to face the strongest pro-gamers of the world to win the tournament and fulfill their dreams.

Easy to learn, but hard to master; Puzzle and Dragons Gold for Nintendo Switch catapults you in a fantastic world full of dungeons, battles, and challenges. Alone or with another aspiring ally; you will be called to exploit your strategic skills as never before. Find the perfect match connecting at least three tiles, level-up, and conquer the board; the more opponents you will defeat, and the more mighty monsters you’ll encounter. Mentally stimulating; don’t forget to think before you act…because each creature has its own specific set of attacks, and from you only depends on the success or the failure of the quest!
Unlocking new stronger characters & abilities, don’t be shy… combine them together to perform wide and varied special attacks such as double damage, life recovering, combo skill damage, and many other spectacular ones that will let you defeat all the rivals in a blink of an eye.

Intuitive, and engaging; break the borders that separate our world from the fantastic one of Puzzle and Dragons Gold for NS.
If you will play with this digital-only precious gem you will know how fantastic the series is!


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