Kandagawa Jet Girls for PS4 – Catch a wave, racing gals!

Kandagawa Jet Girls

PlayStation®4 Ι Genre: Pop Idol Jet Ski Action Game

Both in Japan, and abroad the multimedia projects are becoming even more numerous; series like Love Live!, Sword Art Online, Devil May Cry, Tekken, and Pokémon can be considered the perfect examples of how a mixed media project should be. Present in our daily lives in multiple forms like video games, anime, comic-books or full-length movies; thanks to this media differentiation the stories can be expanded as much as possible revealing new details about the characters, and presenting a large number of twists and turns that keep alive the interest. The origin of this macro category is simply illustrious; in fact, all is started with the novel The Mysterious Affair at Styles wrote by Agatha Christie.
Introducing the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot, and published in 1920, soon after its release, it got a vast number of different adaptations that vary from radio drama to movies passing through tv series, cartoons, and also video games. Realizing the interest of the audience in this side-opuses; many other companies asked their writers to create brand new adventures to release them as different media products.
Anyway, the greatest contemporary multimedia project is probably the Star Wars Expanded Universe; covering practically all, thanks to it we could know more and more about Jedi & Sith Orders, galactic battles, and even the most hidden secrets about Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Yoda, Princess Leia, and Han Solo.

Obviously new series appear every year, some are good while some other not so much, but without any doubt, the greatest multimedia project of the last two years is Kandagawa Jet Girls!
Started as anime aired from October 8, 2019, to January 7, 2020, on the Japanese networks AT-X, TOKYO MX, MBS, and BS11; this 12 episodes’ series follows the story Rin Namiki. She’s a student of the prestigious Asakusa Girls High School; like her mother, even Rin wants to become a famous Jetter and win the legendary All-Japan High School Jet Ski Race Championship.
Joining her forces with the skillful Shooter Misa Aoi; the dynamic duo will win one race after another confronting their abilities with other teams, and at the same time walking their own paths to adulthood. Due to its extreme popularity, Kandagawa Jet Girls is now a video game for PlayStation 4 which reveals even more details about the protagonists…get ready to wear your waterproof suit and hit the waves at the maximum speed!

Be fast and furious!
Race to top, and win the wettest, wackiest, wildest racing league ever with this refreshing PS4 exclusive; differently from the anime in which categories are fixed, in Kandagawa Jet Girls, you’re free to switch from Jetter to Shooter and vice-versa whenever you want. Jump aboard, and do your best to pilot your jet ski; when the rivals come near aim to bring them down using the ultra-powerful water cannon.
Catch the wave through 8 splashing tracks set in the most renowned Tokyo’s areas including Akihabara Electric Town, Ochanomizu, Nipponbashi, and many others; brace yourself for the most addictive racing action game of the year, in Kandagawa Jet Girls for PlayStation 4 you can reach 300 KMH, win the ride of your life and stay alert because, like you, the rival schools will do anything to conquer the 1st place. Roar over swells, and let show everyone how relentless you are shooting high-pressure jets of water without mercy; style and courage are the keys, your racing skills & your aim will be tested to the max. Infuriatingly addictive, if you need a relaxing time between one race and another, you can enjoy the four extravagant mini-games or customize your team choosing among more than 60 costumes.

Three… Two… One… GO!
Rin, Aoi, Manatsu, Kuromaru & Ziyu are on the starting line; let´s get ready for a one of a kind aquatic rumble digitally or physically playing with Kandagawa Jet Girls for PS4!


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