Katana Kami: A Way of the Samurai Story’s New Details And Screenshots Are Here!

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Katana Kami: A Way of the Samurai Story

PS4™ & Switch– Japan

Developer Acquire together with publisher Spike Chunsoft released a new set of details and screenshots for the upcoming game Katana Kami: A Way of the Samurai Story. The information focused on the game’s Swordsmith cycle and its “Flood of Customers” mode.

Learn how to accept sword orders, deliver them and earn money from it.

Basic Cycle Until Debt Repayment

Taking the role of the player, you will run a swordsmith in place of Gunji Doujima, a man who’s in large debt and sells swords to the three major factions (the Akadama Clan, the Kurou Family, and the Post Town) fighting for influence at the Hill of the Six Bones. Sword orders can be checked via the “Account book” inside the smithy and can be carried out from order form to sword shipment. Whenever you are running low in swords, you can create swords through “Forge” by using the materials you obtained from another world.

Through delivering swords, you can receive a reward which allows you to prepare the specified payment in time for its due date. In case, you don’t have enough money on a specific date, a sincere apology may do for the time being, on the other hand, careless actions can increase the amount you need to pay.

Cause Conflict To Be A More Profitable Blacksmith

Orders that you received in the Account Book varies depending on the state of the faction who requests it. To make your orders more rewarding, keep an eye on increasing your “Satisfaction” which is your evaluation as a blacksmith and the “Tension” between enemy forces. The bigger the difference in power between the three factions, the faster the Tension will rise and the “Conflict” will break out.

Once the Conflict starts, the sword orders will increase, making it easier to pass inspection. To increase the power difference between the three factions, you can choose to only send swords to a specific faction or diminish them by assassinating their men.

“Flood of Customers” Mode

By continue delivering the swords to each power and increasing their armed forces, you can reach the “Arms Goal” set by each power. Once you’ve reached this goal, you can now enter the “Flood of Customers” mode. Wherein costumers will constantly flock to the smithy. Whenever customers enter the shop, your money will increase and debt collectors won’t come to you.

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Katana Kami: A Way of the Samurai Story is bound to release on February 20, 2020 in Japan. Stay tuned for the release date details on the Western Regions.

In case you missed it…

Katana Kami: A Way of the Samurai Story is a spin-off of the Way of the Samurai series.

The game is developed by Acquire and published by Spike Chunsoft for PC, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch consoles.

The game takes players to an alternative version of feudal Japan. The story follows a blacksmith who lives near a pine tree, which is an entry to another world.  And one day, a man’s daughter was kidnapped due to his unpaid debts and a strange but kind samurai proposed to help save his daughter.

Read more about the game >HERE<.

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Here below are the game’s trailer, features, and screenshots for you to enjoy:



  • Run the sword blacksmith by manipulating the three influences based around the mountain pass. Make money, pay back the debt, and save Doujima’s daughter
  • There is a total of nine stances depend on what weapon you have equipped. And each stance has special effects. For example, the “middle guard stance” decreases damage taken from the enemy, while the “side stance” increases your critical chances
  • Katana Time – By collecting “orbs” from the enemies inside the dungeon will charge your “Orb Gauge” allowing you to activate “Katana Time”. When Katana Time is activated your health bar won’t damage, weapon durability, increased movement speed, and no knock-back from the enemy
  • Kiwami – By evading or blocking the enemy’s attack to create an opening and then attack, you can unleash a powerful attack called “Kiwami”. If there are still enemy nearby you can perform “Consecutive Kiwami” attack at the right timing



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