Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle 5th Anniversary – We gotta power!!!

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle 5th Anniversary

iOS, Android Ι Genre: Special Celebration Event!

The Age 737 is probably the most important year in the universe; along those 365 days many important facts happened, and some of them were destined to change the fates of billions of unaware living beings scattered on hundreds of thousands of planets. For example, a Sayan scientist created the first batch of Saibamen, King Vegeta launched an attack towards Frieza’s spaceship, and last but not least a Sayan called Kakarot born!
Taking his hair from his father, and the good temper from her mother; like Kal-El (a.k.a. Superman) even Kakarot has been sent on a planet called Earth by his parents just before the destruction of the Sayans’ home planet Vegeta.
Landed between the mountains; this strange tailed baby was adopted by Son Gohan, a gentle old martial artist, who raised him as his son teaching fighting techniques giving him also a new name, Son Goku, a strange sphere with four stars, and the warning to never watch the full moon. If Son Goku should do it, he is turned into a savage Great Ape very similar to the well-known King Kong. What Son Gohan couldn’t know was that this young boy one day would become the most important and strong protectors of the whole universe!
Along 20 movies, 42 tankōbon, and 575 episodes scattered in three main arcs; Dragon Ball is without any doubt the most popular IP in the whole world. Created in 1984 by Akira Toriyama, this adaptation of the Chinese classic Journey to the West conquered the hearts of millions of readers both in Japan and abroad since its first appearance on Weekly Shōnen Jump and inspired a lot of people to get better and better to realize their dreams.

A so popular series can only be the main star also in the hugely crowded game industry; with 99 titles released so far, the adventures of Goku, and the other Z-Warriors, have been ported from all the most important gaming systems ever released. Other than the emblazoned Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Dragon Ball FighterZ & Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, is imperative to mention also Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle for iOS and Android devices.
Set in an alternate future in which a mysterious person evoked the Divine Dragon Shenron to discover who is the mightiest warrior of the galaxy; this freemium gem gathers all the beloved characters you have seen the series, yes even the most obscure ones like Veku, Tiencha, Pintar or Bandages the Mummy. Thanks to its highly strategic action-card system; in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle for iOS and Android you’re called to build the greatest deck ever balancing to the perfect the attributes of your team: AGL, STR, PHY, INT & TEQ. With a non-stopping raise of popularity; from today you can get a cornucopia of extremely rare items on the occasion of its 5th Anniversary🎉🎉🎉

Let’s celebrate this important event, and you can get a plethora of never seen before bonuses such as the one and only 55 consecutive gacha roll tickets, 200 Dragon Stones, a lot of SR & SSR characters to unlock, and much much more. With the special Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle 5th Anniversary Campaign you will get a lot of power; insert the code of your legendary Instant Digital Card right now, but be careful, so much level of mighty could let explode even the most advanced scouter consistently exceed the 5,300,000,000 level!!!!
Join the battle, and challenge millions of aspiring champions throughout the universe; this exclusive event of Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle for iOS & Android is for many but not for all, a new global tournament is started, show everyone what you’re made of…

Kamehameha! Genkidama! Big Bang Attack! Destabilize the galactic order launching the fiercest energy attacks ever; only celebrating the Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle 5th Anniversary Campaign you can blow’ up planets, while you try to become the #1 warrior of all time.
OK, now let’s stop chatting, the enemies are already Fwaiting for you right now, get enough Instant Digital Cards, and see how power goes beyond the Super Saiyan level; Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle for iOS & Android is… Sparking!


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