Sisters Royale for PS4 & NS – In the temple of love: hear my name!

Sisters Royale

PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Danmaku Cute’em up

Parodius, Cotton, Game Tengoku & Fantasy Zone; these are the best-known examples of cute’em up genre. As clearly explained by its definition; this particular genre mix hardcore shooting mechanics with bright colors, cuddly characters, and obviously, cuteness oozed from every pore.
To find the progenitor we must travel back to the 80s, more precisely to March 5, 1985; with the arrival of spring a new game blossomed in Japanese arcades, its title was TwinBee. Setting a new standard in the shoot’em up category; in TwinBee you control a puffy sentient spaceship that must set free the psychedelic wonderland known as Donburi Island who has been invaded by the invader army led by King Spice. Shooting its way along five wacky stages; eventually, TwinBee (thanks also to the powers of the power-up bells) can defeat the King, and restore the peace among the hopeless islanders.
Since its first appearance, TwinBee has been a great success, and shortly after, it was ported on the most important gaming home-systems of that era like MSX & Famicom. Even if sweet on the surface, cute’em up games are unforgiving with the players; in fact, all of them implement a high degree of challenge that requires training and endurance to be mastered. Anyway if you never played with a cute’em up, you’ll be happy to know that today you have the chance to enter a new era of creativity thanks to Sisters Royale for PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch!

Developed by Alfa System; the shoot’em up deities behind masterpieces such as Castle Shikigami, Elemental Gearbolt, and Gunparade March, Sisters Royale for PS4 and NS totally re-energize the genre in a very brand new way.
Starring Nur, Ece, Lale, Sonay & Selma; five gorgeous but deadly gals, must use their magical powers to prove their valor to the angel Yashin… only the strongest witch will have the privilege to marry him and live happily together after all (maybe).
Remembering the shoot’em ups released on Taito Type X arcade board; in this new character-driven vertical scrolling shooter the sisters can wander freely around the stage to bring their blasting action on every corner of the world. Lightning-quick reflexes are needed to win the heart of Yashin; be prepared to blast squadrons of fabulous monsters inspired by fairy tales. Thanks to its impressive anime art style, addictive high-speed action, and original plot, this is an actual must-have for every gamer worthy of this title.

Also, the unique Tension Bonus System feature turn this exciting adventure even more exciting; if you go nearer and nearer to the enemy you’ll get a lot of extra points and coins; don’t forget the only the bravest can have a help, and if you’re daring enough you could summon the Secret Fairies, and with their aid increase your power to unimaginable levels… until now. Suitable for beginners who aim to complete the game as well as advanced players who are seeking for the highest score; prove to your sisters that you can go hand-to-hand with your true love, and also be crowned as the strongest witch of all realms. If you’re a shoot’em up & kawaii lover, Sisters Royale will drive you to ecstasy!
Try it now, you’ll soon learn that every bullet count; once you’ve reached the end shout your name, and your destiny will be revealed before your eyes.

As Seneca said: “Love in its essence is spiritual fire”; with the digital-only Sisters Royale for PS4 & NS, you’ll fan the flames eradicating all the obstacles that separate you from your beloved one, but do it fast, because love doesn’t wait forever!


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