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Space Channel 5 VR

PlayStation®VR Ι Genre: VR Music Game

Have you ever played with Simon? Created by Ralph H. Baer & Howard J. Morrison, and released in 1978 this electronic game can be considered the very first music game of the digital era. This actual pop-icon was presented with great pomp at the legendary Studio 54, and through the years it has appeared in a plethora of series and movies like Despicable Me 3, Family Guy or The Tommyknockers.
Inspired by its gameplay mechanics; the Japanese game designer (and music producer) Masaya Matsuura developed the very first modern music game, obviously, we’re talking of PaRappa the Rapper for PlayStation. Thanks to his motto YOU GOTTA BELIEVE millions of gamers across the world could enjoy an extremely cool hip-hop music, a cheerful storyline packed with the great artstyle of Rodney Greenblat, and a cast of unforgettable characters; simple to start but hard to master, this game gave us the unique opportunity to test our sense of rhythm, timing, and coordination skills on a variety of different musical genres. Matching the swingin’ moves of all the funky Masters, we’re evaluated by the “U Rappin’ bar”, and at the end of the song we can see if we’re good enough for moving forward to the next track, all to conquer the heart of the beautiful Sunny Funny.
Winning a Sony Platinum Prize, an Outstanding Achievement in Interactive Design prize, and last but not least hundreds of wonderful reviews, PaRappa the Rapper can be easily considered the progenitor of the contemporary music game scene which includes titles of all respect; just to name a few: Hatsune Miku Project Diva, Rock Band, Taiko no Tatsujin, and above all Space Channel 5!

Originally appeared in 1999 for Sega Dreamcast; Space Channel 5 sees Ulala, the gorgeous pink-haired news reporter, investigate over an alien invasion in the distant A.D. 2497.
Using her unique dancing skills, thanks to the power of the music traveling in space with the hyper-fast Astrobeat, she has encountered several galactic superstars who gave her a precious dance move to prevent the total conquest of the galaxy by the Morolians. After two unforgettable adventures, today Ulala is back in a very new dimension with Space Channel 5 VR for PSVR!
Show your guts fighting them performing the most spectacular moves; thanks to your dancing techniques you can defeat all of them to be crowned as the ultimate savior of the universe (and at the same time as the greatest dancing queen of all time).

Get into the most immersive experience of Space Channel 5, feel the beats & play with a groovy, funky, amazing dance game. Featuring new tracks, new characters, and much more; show your stuff and bring down the empire of Chief Blank who aim to brainwash billions of sentient lifeforms for his own gain.
Glamourous, addictive, and absolutely amazing this VR magnificent music game contains all the characteristics that all the wannabe superstar gamers want. An easy to learn deep gameplay system that allows you to perform exceptional dance tricks to make your session even more memorable, dozens of ultra-pop tunes, an exceptionally funky graphic style, and colors everywhere.
Put on the visor now; Space Channel 5 VR for PSVR is not a common music game like all the others; it is a long and thrilling roller coaster among the stars filled with sharp turns, loop-de-loops, and a lot of other wonders that let you shout: CHU-CHU-CHU I WANT MORE!

Turn your room into a glitterous space disco club with the digital-only Space Channel 5 VR for PSVR; dance around in a galaxy where fantasy and reality are mixed up like anything else; ride the rhythm and happy groovy groovy day!


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