Hero Must Die. Again for PS4 & NS – Please, don’t forget me!

Hero Must Die. Again

PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Anti-RPG

Napoleon, Minamoto no Yoshitsune, and Lieutenant Colonel Custer; they are some of the most renowned historical characters whose life has been characterized by defeat. It is said that history is made by the winners, but without anyone to win against; even the greatest commanders would not be remembered among the generations.
The stories of the winners can motivate all of us to push our limits to the extreme, but know the lives of the ones who lived heroically to achieve their goals is infinitely more interesting.

For example, very few people know Orde Charles Wingate who create the Long Range Penetration Groups known also as Chindits during the  Burma Campaign of World War II, John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich who is primarily known as the inventor of the eponymous food or George Francis Train, the American entrepreneur who inspired Jules Verne for his famous novel Around the World in Eighty Days. All of them can inspire us to pursue our dreams and leave a unique mark for posterity.
Even the video game universe is full of unconventional personalities like the one above, but among them, there’s only one who can be taken as a perfect example of the nobility of failure; the protagonist of Hero Must Die. Again for PS4 & NS!

Created by Shoji Masuda (Linda³, Metal Max & Patapon) during a tragic period of his life; this unconventional JRPG is set in a fantasy world ruled by the evil dark lord Satan.
If you’ve played with any other JRPG in the past, you know how much final bosses could be powerful, with a single blow they can wipe out an entire party, but if you equipped all the members with the best armors, weapons, and spells even this apparently deadly encounter can become a real breeze. But Hero Must Die. Again for PS4 & NS provides a different point of view; what if soon after an epic fight both you and your nemesis would die? Well, in all the cases a Game Over screen would appear giving you the chance to restart the fight again and again, but this is not the case… here the end is only the beginning…

It’s useless to say that memories are important to everybody’s lives, and even for the hero of this one of a kind adventure this is not an exception; in fact, the Gods decided to resurrect him even if only for five days. During this short time you’ll be called to do everything in your power to leave positive memories in all those you meet; experience dozens of happy, sad, melancholic, and bitter, and other deeply emotionally complex stories that need your help to be solved. Understand the true value of human life through them, and discover how important they are.

When the time will finish; an angel will descend to take your soul to the celestial kingdom. But it’s up to you to choose as you want to be remembered; in Hero Must Die. Again for PS4 & NS the more days pass the weaker you’ll become, so do whatever is needed before forces abandon you to convince everyone that you’re effectively the savior of the whole world. Resolve their problems, do it well, and on the sixth day you’ll have the most magnificent funeral ever seen; ignore them, and no one will pay homage to you. Featuring unconventional yet nostalgic anti-JRPG gameplay mechanics, a multi-branched story full of unexpected coup de théâtre, and hundreds of decisions to take that actively forge the memories’ progression to the very last day.

If you’re looking for a deep, lovely & original JRPG lovely packed with a special Japanese flavor; the digital-only Hero Must Die. Again for PS4 & NS is absolutely the game you’re looking for.
Earn the respect you deserve without hesitation, and say goodbye to the mundane world with style!


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