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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Happy Life Simulation

Mickey Mouse, TonyTony Chopper or Sun Wu-k’ung; since ancient times, animals are present not only as part of tales and legends but also as crucial to similes and metaphors. In many opuses, we can find thousands of comparisons between humans and animals. For example, in Homer’s Iliad, Achilles is compared with an animal (more specifically with a lion) to show to all the readers his heroic virtues in war.
Anyway, it’s not all. Even in Japanese folklore animals are often mentioned as sensuous beings who their own lives interacting with humans. Foxes, cats, snakes, horses, dogs, and even spiders are considered also as spiritual creatures who can help or hinder the lives of people. One of the most popular animal figures worldwide is probably the Maneki-Neko; for sure everyone saw it at least once, and its presence in stores & houses provides the owners’ eternal luck and life successes.

Obviously a vast arrange of animals is present also in hundreds of video games. Personalities like Donkey Kong, Sonic, Amaterasu, and Chocobos (just to name a few) are actual pop-icons, and their effigy is portrayed on a plethora of ultra-stylish gadgets.
But among all of them, there’s a series who can let you experience a brand new life in a world wholly inhabited by animal characters with human personalities and characteristics. Its name is, obviously, Animal Crossing!

– I always wanted to meet new friends! –

Born in 2001 for Nintendo 64; Animal Crossing is the best example of social simulation games. If you’ve ever dreamt to start a second life in a paradisiac village, you shouldn’t miss it.
Developed by the Nintendo EAD team; in only 16MB there’s a huge world lovely filled with friendly characters, colorful items, and a cheerful atmosphere. Since its original release, it was acclaimed globally as an entertaining breath of fresh air to the gaming world; thanks to its innovative gameplay system, Animal Crossing received very good scores from all the most important magazines and websites.

Including also five NES retro gems (Clu Clu Land, Donkey Kong, Balloon Fight, Pinball, and Golf) this revolutionary title got also a full-length anime movie, while the characters appeared as special guest stars in many games like Nintendo Land, Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8, and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Due to its popularity through the years three other chapters have been added, but this week the much-awaited fifth episode will reach all the Nintendo Switch of the world… prepare a delicious cake, and serve it to the new friends of Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

Welcome to your new village. Here you can relax, and enjoy life in the idyllic seaside spending time with cute friends both in person or using the innovative NookPhone; a mobile device thanks to which you can talk even with the distant friends without a move from home. Thanks to this mobile device you can take eye-popping pics, and above all collect precious Nook Miles. The more Miles you’ll earn, the most epic prizes you can get. Speak with every one, take up their requests, and help them in a huge array of activities that will improve your popularity, and get many other items.

Obviously, helping others is a very good thing, but you should also take care of your living space. Decide on what furniture to use and what to put in your wardrobe. As in the real-life, your home reflects your style, your taste, and your personality. Decorate it as you wish; once all is ready invite your friends (even the ones from the real world) to visit your in-game space, and to enjoy the slow happy life of the island.

Each day is different in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Nintendo Switch; embark on a new journey of your life digitally or physically!


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