Grandia HD Collection for NS – Adventurers, legend awaits you!

Grandia HD Collection

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Unforgettable JRPGs

Founded in 1985; Game Arts is a developing company that through the decades crafted some of the best titles in the whole industry. All started with Thexder. A mechapunk action game in which the player controls a transforming robot to save the galaxy from an army of evil invaders. Released originally for NEC-PC8801; it was so good that a couple of years later the mighty US publisher Sierra Entertainment ported it for a large number of western computers including IBM PC, AppleII, and Tandy 1000.

Due to its extremely positive reception; Thexder became an actual series composed of five installments. And last one, Thexder Neo, has been released in 2010 for PS3. But this is only the beginning. Game Arts worked on dozens of titles covering all the genres. Solitaire card-game simulations, platformers, sports games, and last but not least RPG. In this latter field; they particularly stood out with two of the best series of all time: Lunar & Grandia!

Without any doubt; Grandia is the most important IP created by Game Arts. With seven chapters to its credit, the whole series sold more than 2.000.000 copies worldwide. Available on Sega Saturn, PlayStation, Dreamcast, Game Boy Color, PlayStation 2, PC & PlayStation 3; today Justin and Ryudo, the main characters of the firsts two quintessential adventures, arrive on Nintendo Switch thanks to the much-awaited Grandia HD Collection!

The first episode starts in Parm.  A little fisher village that turned into a metropolis due to the industrial revolution. In there live Justin, Gantz, Lilly, and Sue; four aspiring adventurers who join their forces to undertake a journey toward Elencia. A recently discovered continent which is also known as the New World. Among its inhabitants; a legend is commonly told. The one about the ancient Angelounian civilization. It is said that these highly-advanced people could capture the power of the Spirits (supernatural beings provided with magical powers) into mystic relics called Spirit Stone. Used as a power source it allows everyone to let live a peaceful life. But one day; the evil thoughts of the humans created Gaia. A wicked entity that destroyed that flourishing civilization forever.

Interested by this old tale; these four youngs begun a quest to discover the truth.  Is this just a myth or is it real? Grandia II instead sees the mercenary Ryudo and his faithful feathered companion Skye get a job from the Church of Granas. Widely worshipped; Granas is the celestial god of this fantastic world whose mission is to protect people by Valmar, the cursed ruler of the Nether Realm.  Together with the young songstress Elena; the trio mission is the most dangerous one of their life. Indeed, Valmar is re-awakening from his millennial sleep. To save billions of hopeless people; they must find and destroy all the parts of the god which are very well-hidden in the vast world. This will lead them to visit unknown locations and long-forgotten ruins to fulfill their destinies once for all.

Featuring these two masterpieces proudly presented with a revamped graphics, unforgettable music,  vibrant world, and much more; Grandia HD Collection for Nintendo Switch includes everything you’d expect from a JRPG.
Equip the best weapons and armors at your disposal to accomplish the most epic adventures of your life. Other than a brilliant, deductive mind; you must rely on your sense of direction, and fighting reflexes. Fight your way through many unexplored lands, battle in monster-ridden dungeons, and level-up to unleash new deadly attacks. In Grandia HD Collection for Nintendo Switch; you must keep safe the future of the whole world.

Now destiny calls on you; prepare to face two of the greatest digital-only quests that will lead you to the cradle of all evil.
Do anything you can to prove you have the heart of a real fearless hero in shining armor!


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