Top of the Week – Let’s see the next hits for PS4, XB1, and NS!

A new week has started, and many brand new adventures are landing on your gaming machine; don’t waste your time with boring daily activities and gather your friends ‘cause many great titles will bring unforgettable experiences straight to you!
Check here below a rundown of the Top of the Week games. Action, adventure, puzzle, strategy, and more await for you; there’s always something for everyone which promises many hours of exciting gameplay and incredible fun!

Are you daring enough to enter the most intense haunted manor of the city? Discover it with NG for Nintendo Switch!
With its extremely scaring story that blur the lines between horror and reality; this insanely exceptional adventure game sees you rescue your little sister from the evil clutches of a paranormal threat. So beautiful & creepy; play it to face your wildest fears. Do anything possible to save her, and count on your instinct to escape alive. With dozens of rooms to explore seasoned with an insanely claustrophobic setting; this game easily induce terror in all the ones who venture beyond the comfortable human dimension!

Earth is under attack join the Wonderful 101 squad to protect it!!!
Hordes of enormous aliens from outer space are invading our planet; the only thing that can protect it is a group of unlikely, yet mighty, heroes with special abilities. But, the space invaders are too powerful for the heroes to fight individually so they must join forces and work together to defeat their common enemy.
Be one of them with The Wonderful 101: Remastered for PS4 & NS!
Turn yourself into a powerful weapon, and crush them once for all; if you are hungry for EPIC ACTION then this is the title you’re looking for…

Spirits are not the only threats for humankind; there are other things are lurking around, waiting for fresh meat… become one of them with Maneater for PS4, NS, and XB1!
Strongly inspired by Steven Spielberg’s classic movie Jaws; in this unique game, you can become an actual terror of the seas like never before. Swim silently, find the prey, and attack with all of your hulking strength; in addition to determined shark hunters, you will face many dangerous species who just want to eat you. Alligators, giant squids, killer whales, and dozens of other dangerous creatures are lurking in the dark abysses. The fin approaching fast, the massive jaws are open, and the hunt is even more intense; try it, and you’ll never go in the water again!

Enjoy the journey that takes you where no man has been before with The Persistence for Xbox One!
Filled with alien monsters and scientific experiments gone horribly wrong; in this title, you’re the last survivor of a scientific expedition team. Enter a procedurally generated spaceship derelict; in every corridor & room, you’ll encounter hordes of horrors that want to eradicate any trace of your presence from the universe.
In this first-person action game enhanced with RPG elements; you will feel like the evil threat is tracking you, learning from you, and toying with you.
If that isn’t unnerving enough, you need to know that universe is a vast place, and dangerous alien species could be everywhere…

Bigger, longer, and uncut!
The 3rd Street Saints are back in Steelport with Saints Row: The Third Remastered for PS4 & XB1. Even if they become the undisputed kings of the city, their struggles are far from over. Indeed, their popularity catches the eye of the Syndicate, so head off to another new turf to meet them.
Experience a gang war of titanic proportion in this new version that includes ALL the three mission packs and a plethora of precious DLC items.
Live the American Dream as never before, in here everything is permitted!

These are the Top of the Week games!
Get one (or more) of them for insane “too good to be true” prices, traditionally provided with our traditional faster-than-light digital delivery!

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