NG (No Good) for PS4 & NS – Escape the horror!!!

NG (No Good)

PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Pure J-Horror Adventure

During the 80s, Japan was under the effect of a booming economy known as Bubble Keiki (Bubble Economy); this out of control situation placed the country at the first position among the major industrial nations of the world. Unfortunately, so much wealth cannot last forever; in fact, only 10 years after Japan encounter a big stagnation known as the Lost Decade.

Starting from 1991, the lives of millions of people changed dramatically throwing it into poverty and despair. Due to this insecurity about life; during this decade, a lot of horrific urban legends started to circulate among the country especially between young generations. Hanako-san, Aka Manto, Teke Teke, and many other creatures started to enter in the common life of millions of Japanese who used these simulacrums to give a face to their worst concerns. Despite the internet was not so widespread; urban legends become very popular in no time from Hokkaido to Kyushu. Appearing in so many books, tv programs, movies, and video games, monsters marked the Lost Decade as any other one could. Capcom’s Gakkou no Kowai Uwasa: Hanako-san ga Kita!! or Atlus’ Shin Megami Tensei series are the perfect examples of how urban legends can be easily turned into pop culture superstars.

But, if you want to meet traditional fairy tale characters like Urashima Taro or Momotaro in a very fearful way you should prepare yourself to live a brand new Japanese urban horror adventure with; NG for PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch!

Akira-kun play this cursed game!

Akira Kijima is a problematic high school student that, soon after his mother passed away, started a new life alone. To earn enough to survive; Akira entered an illegal fight ring, in which he must exploit his incredible martial arts skills.
Anyway, in 1999 Japan, nothing is as it seems; because when the young and sweet Ami Kijima (Akira’s cousin) suddenly disappears, Akira is forced to enter a parallel dimension… the cursed Spirit World. There’s no time to waste; his fists are the only weapon against these scary demonish figures. Hungry for young people flesh & souls, the Spirits are considered nothing but a rumor among the majority of the people, but when Akira meet them directly, he witnessed that the unseen realm of darkness is an actual place.

Bringing an incredibly immersive and extreme cursed game experience; NG for Nintendo Switch is strictly not recommended for the faint of heart. Wander through a mysterious Tokyo, talk with the inhabitants, and confront yourself by all of your wildest nightmares and beyond.

Fight evil with fists!

Even the most well-lit street can be a very creepy place, especially at night when neon streetlights buzz undisturbed among the deserted streets giving an entirely new form to the pitch black of the night. To survive in NG for PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch; you must be daring and get ready to face supernatural threats without any kind of weapons (apart from your deadly hands). This visual novel is more focused on investigation & survival rather than mere action. Sometimes you’ll feel powerless, but don’t worry you’re not alone; your friends are ready to help you when you’re least expecting to provide you useful advice that makes this search for truth a little bit easier.
Scaring filled with impalpable shapes that emerge from the dark, eerie sounds, and a disturbing atmosphere; NG for Nintendo Switch is a so spooky visual novel that it will feed your nightmares for weeks!

Explore the depths of this nightmare digitally or physically; use all of your smartness, wits, and courage to unravel all the mystery behind Ami’s disappearance, and rescue her before it’s too late.
Be careful! The Spirits are hunting for fresh meat; do everything you can do to unveil the truth and learn what they really are. Mixing perfectly reality and urban legend’s elements NG for PS4 & NS is an insanely scary J-Horror experience that makes your hair stand!!!



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