Liberated for NS – In Cyberspace we trust!?


Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Cyberpunk Action Adventure

Since when comics and strips are called graphic novels; this incredibly deep media has been promoted to a high cultural mean category with aesthetic value, inclusion, and very well written, emotional stories.
Authors like Will Eisner, Alan Moore, Art Spiegelman, or Frank Miller boosted the whole genre to literary peaks of an exceptional level. It is useless to say that such popular media transcended its original purpose of merely entertaining to convey important messages for the society using the unique image + word style.
Movies, musicals, academic essays, side-novels, and video games eviscerate the world(s) of graphic novels claiming everything and the opposite of everything.

For example, in the 1994’s adventure for DOS entitled Noctropolis; the player must point-and-click around  City Of Darkness to prevent that the evil creatures from the #1 selling comic book of the world come out from paper to invade the real world. But Noctropolis is not the only game that portrays comic book visual style into the video game world; in fact, the following year Sega released the glorious Comix Zone for Sega Genesis.
In this impressive beat’em up, you must help the artist Sketch Turner to save his creation from total annihilation. Panel by panel in Comix Zone you can live an ultra exciting story where paper & ink reach a new dimension.

And wouldn’t it be great if a game could mix graphic novel style with a dramatically mature cyberpunk story? We think yes, and if you agree with us; you will be happy to know that Liberated for Nintendo Switch is finally out!

Be Radical!

Featuring many pieces of evidence to philosophical arguments that could not be found anywhere else; this Nindie action-adventure game reveals media manipulation of various medium demonstrates (and in part predict) the future of global society at various levels. Focused on contemporary anxieties, in this wonderful game; you can find the answers to many issues about threats to freedom, civil liberties from an innovative perspective.

Set in a dark megalopolis harshly ruled by huge corporations; Liberated for Nintendo Switch tries to tell us how the world is.
Due to their impact on people’s minds, the concept of life is now reduced to a mere existence; where all the decisions and fates are controlled by “them”. Only the rebellious army known as the “Liberated” can stop the controllers who gained all such power convincing people to give up voluntarily their freedom in the change of theoretical safety.

There is a bug in the Social System!

Thanks to its unique, stylish graphic novel art style; Liberated for Nintendo Switch leads you to fight 4 freedom both inside and outside cyberspace, where everything is possible.
Action, puzzle, and revolution!
Enjoy all of this and much more in this mature adventure cyberpunk game. Get ready to shoot your way through a world of high technology and merciless oppression. Find a cure for this authoritarian plague; this will lead you to learn more about the most common coercive systems. Also, you can discover how the increasing privatization of many aspects of our lives including social networks, facial recognition, fake news, citizen credit systems, and many other ones affects all of us in a such deep way.

Oppressed people of the world, your cries for help have been heard!
Liberated for Nintendo Switch is your digital new voice, and it is here to save all of you from the cyber-control curse perpetrated by megacorporations that now infests this once-proud society!



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