The King of Fighters R-2 for NS – Invitation sent!

The King of Fighters R-2

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Retrostalgic Fighting Game

AES, MVS, Hyper Neo Geo 64, Neo Geo CD, and Neo Geo Pocket; during its glorious career, SNK innovated the hardware & software gaming fields like no one else. Releasing in 1990 the first multi arcade machines that included up to six separate games into one cabinet; the legendary Shin Nihon Kikaku is still today one of the most important gaming companies in the world. Known also for creating numerous multi-million-selling game franchises, such as Fatal Fury, Metal Slug, Samurai Shodown, World Heroes, and many others; SNK is active also in anime, manga, and music markets releasing periodically new products that expand their universes in such great way.
But, more than any other, there is a series that brought A LOT of popularity to this company; obviously, we’re referring to The King of Fighters!

Walk into battle!

Started in 1994 as a crossover experiment that includes all the most popular SNK characters fighting each other in a global martial arts tournament; the original The King of Fighters ’94 featured actual legendary superstars like Ralf and Clark from Ikari Warriors, Athena Asamiya from Athena, Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, and Joe Hisashi from Fatal Fury & Ryo and Robert from Art of Fighting clash their fists with old and new aspiring warriors to defeat the organizer’s Rugal Bernstein and be crowned as the fiercest fighters of the world.

Due to its astonishing quality, and never seen before gameplay system (in fact the player controlled a team formed by 3 characters); this game has been the second most-successful arcade game of that year, receiving a big number of awards throughout the whole planet.
Luckily for us, SNK continued to develop the series reaching new unbelievable heights introducing new characters, new revelations and improving more and more the technical aspects. With 14 main series installments and several spin-offs; The King of Fighters is a series that every fan of fighting games should play extensively, this is why SNK has re-released King of Fighters R-2 exclusively on Nintendo Switch!

Fight in an alternate reality!

In this remake of the hugely popular The King of Fighters ’98 for Neo Geo Pocket Color; all the stars fighting in a sort of dream tournament to destroy both Omega Rugal, and eradicate the dangerous Orochi power by the face of the earth.
The curtain rises, the tension is palpable! Choose your favorite team (for a total of 23 characters); enjoying this truly H-O-T spin-off episode in a superb retrostalgic resolution. On the off chance you haven’t received the invitation to the tournament yet; we suggest you not worry, because you’ll surely get it shortly.

The agendas of the organizers are unknown, but whatever the level of your fighting abilities is; you shouldn’t miss the chance to participate at the King of Fighters R-2 tournament with your Nintendo Switch. Even if it attracts more and more veteran fighters who are dying to prove their skills; we’re pretty sure that you will make an extremely good impression, and you will gain worldwide attention from millions of fighting game lovers.

Enriched by a unique cast of warriors, a peculiar graphic style, burning hot blows & tons of fan service; the digital-only King of Fighters R-2 for Nintendo Switch, you must get ready to put your name in the history… what else would you ask for?


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