Fight Crab for NS – Be the deadliest claw of the seven seas!

Fight Crab

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Ichthyic Brawl Game

Heikegani is a Japanese crab species who gained this name after the battle of Dan-no-Ura in 1185; it is believed that the souls of the samurai who died in there have been transferred in these crustaceans. This is why the design of their carapace resembles an angry human face. Called Taishogani (Chieftain’s crabs) or Tatsugashira (Dragon’s helmet); old legends say that people see in the ridges of their shell the roughly delineated shape of a warrior’s helmet. In the artistic representations of Benkei’s fight with the ghosts, it is not uncommon to see the crabs surrounding the boat of Yoshitsune; because they are a metaphor of drowned warriors of the Taira army.

But Japan is not the only country in which crabs are mythical creatures; since the Age of the Gods, a very special crab lives in the celestial vault, the one who dared to pinch Hercules’ toe while he was fighting against the Hydra finishing crashed, due to its courage Hera placed it in the sky.
But that’s not all, in Buddhism, crabs symbolize the period between the various incarnations; also, for the Moche mythology, the marine god turns himself in a crab when battle against sea monsters who menace his worshippers.

A so important marine creature could not go unnoticed, this is why they can be found in many opuses; everyone knows Spongebob’s Mr. Krab, the radiation-mutated giant crabs from Attack of the Crab Monsters & the Crabmen from Thundercats, but today a new kind of crabs making its way in the crowded world of pop-icons… the submarine champions of Fight Crab for Nintendo Switch!

Grab the Crab🦀

Colorful, unconventional, and exciting like any other one!
Starring 23 types of arthropods; in this never seen before game you can take part in the most grueling fighting fest known to marine creatures. Each combatant must be completely focused for the victory; using robust pincers or one of the 48 weapons at your disposal including knives, war hammers, iron fans, and the legendary Excalibur, you must fulfill your destiny to be crowned as the greatest champion of inside and outside the waters.

Transcending all the limits of the traditional 3D fighting games; Fight Crab for Nintendo Switch is an all-out battle where reflexes, skill, and timing are essential to defeating all the opponents; including a tasteful wealth of stunning special moves, get ready to master all the techniques to perform devastating combos in a truly incredible all-out battle royale for survival in which there is only one single rule: flip the enemy before it does the same to you!

Easy to start, and hard to complete, Fight Crab for Nintendo Switch is an exotic Nindie game that will unleash your beasty side; uniquely fast & furious it is marine fighting in its rawest form!
Be superior, move freely within the arena, and hit at the right time to win the duel in a single blow; enjoy a truly amazing fighting game digitally or physically, a game that you never would have imagined; taste the pain and master the fine art of Crab!


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