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Finally even this year the Tokyo Game Show has started introducing the Online formula; during these four days full of announcements, all the best developers & publishers will let show to us all the future of gaming. New consoles, new titles, and much more… this is actually an unmissable event.
To celebrate the second Reiwa Era (and the first online-only) edition of this eagerly awaited event; PlayStation Store Japan has just dropped a huge promotion… the one and only Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online Kaisai Kinen Sale!
A huge list of games is for sale right now, with up to an 80% percent discount, and the best part of all, the promo is gonna last till October the 6th!
Featuring dozens of must-have games; this is a sale you don’t want to miss. So, let’s the show starts, and don’t forget to read our special coverage, all you need to do is click here 😉😉😉

Biohazard RE:3 Z Version – 50% OFF

After the worldwide success of Biohazard RE:2, Capcom back in the game with Biohazard RE:3 Z Version!
More gruesome, bloody, and intense than the normal version; this extremely good remake sees Jill meets [her] Nemesis. Including a new cutting-edge art style, new enemies, and the thrilling 1 vs 4 online multiplayer modes, this astonishing version of 1999 gem will swarm out from the Umbrella’s laboratories bringing to light all the darkest secrets of Raccoon City.
Aged like a fine wine, this second RE:make comes with hordes of flesh-hungry monsters, mind-blowing puzzles,  and the traditional intense & unforgettable cliffhangers will make both veterans and rookies very very happy!
Enjoy another (un)common day in Arklay County.

Persona 5 Scramble – 28% OFF

Very well… it’s time to re-enter in the Velvet Room, and choose your teammates for a new ride with Persona 5 Scramble!
Despite her angelic shape; the pastel-pop idol Alice Hiiragi is planning to steal the people’s desires inside the Metaverse, to stop this new threat Morgana gathers once again the Phantom Thieves of Hearts for a new duty that will let plumb the depths of the human soul like never before. Enjoy this full action-packed spin-off that can undermine the stability of the Palaces from their foundation.
Including new characters, new desires, and new adventures; if you play with this action-RPG you will be able to determine the fates of millions of Tokyo’s inhabitants!

Kandagawa Jet Girls – 65% OFF

Kandagawa is calling, answer with Kandagawa Jet Girls!!!
Rin, Misa, Kaguya, and all the other racers are on the starting line to win the burning fresh Jet Race championship. Jump aboard your jet ski, and hit the waves at the maximum speed; if you’ve already seen the anime, you surely know that in this series there are the Jetters (the pilots of the jet skis) & the Shooters (which duty is to eliminate the rivals through powerful water cannons). In this game, you will have the opportunity to switch them whenever the situation so requires; compete in 8 different breakneck courses set in the most famous Japanese places such as Akihabara, Ochanomizu, and Neo Nihonbashi.
Be fast and furious; race to top, and win the wettest, wildest racing league ever!

Onechanbara Origin – 30% OFF

Go-go girls kill kill kill!!!!
Zombies, schoolgirls, and swords…no, these are not the ingredients of an upcoming grindhouse Z movie, but the essential elements of the winky Onechanbara Origin for PS4. In this new episode set in a 20XX Tokyo; Aya, Saki, and Rei cut off hundreds of walking corpses to make the capital city of Japan a better place.
– Girls…✓
– Zombies…✓
– Weapons…✓
What else? Oh, yes, naughty elements and sexy features!
This is an actual game to die for ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

Featuring all kind of genres, this is a digital-only campaign you don’t want to miss!
But now enough with words, it’s time to play!


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