Digital Heaven – It’s Friday, close the work apps, and start to play!

I don’t care if Monday’s blue
Tuesday’s grey and Wednesday too
Thursday, I don’t care about you
It’s Friday, I’m in love
Yeah, Robert Smith knows our feelings, and Friday is the best day to delve into our favorite games; this means that we can discover dozens of unmissable digital games for PC at a very unbeatable price!
Download them instantly on your computer; finally, the Digital Heaven gates are finally open, this is why we really love Fridays!
Have a happy weekend all!

Nobody ever leaves Night City!

1) Style over Substance
2) Attitude is Everything
3) Always take it to the Edge
4) Break the Rules

Make yours the Ripperjack’s teachings and get ready to enter the dark future of Cyberpunk 2077!
Offer your soul to the machine playing this hugely awaited adventure; as V you are called to create your destiny under the light of Night City’s neons. From the tallest penthouses to the darkest slums; in here all is cultural technoshock!
Cross your path with Rockerboys, Solos, Netrunners, Techies, Medias, Cops, Corporates, Fixers, and Nomads; earn money to acquire even more sophisticated cyberware that will grant you access to the most remote areas of the net.
Your friends are tight, your enemies are ruthless… live on the edge!

Run Away, Little Girl!

Tokyo is one of the most glamorous places in the world, but nowadays it’s also one of the most violent ones. With more than 13 million inhabitants, this megalopolis is one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the world, an area where strange stories, dangerous cases, and mysteries are a daily occurrence…
Recently, an urban legend spread out among people, it says that deep below the sewers of Tokyo there’s a door, and every person who opens it is lost forever. Sadly, the partner of detective Ayami Itō has investigated deeply about this rumor, and he’s mysteriously vanished.
Now it’s time for her to solve this case that directly affects her, go deep down into an underworld full of odds, strange people, and bizarre places to uncover the truth before it’s too late with Tokyo Dark!

Future meets Retro!

Have a glorious arcade at home with SNK 40th Anniversary Collection!
Bringing an addictive retrospective on SNK history; this compilation offers a wealth of milestones that will let you [re]discover the golden age of the Japanese games industry. Street Smart, Psycho Soldier, Guerrilla War, and many other ones have been included; all of them will give you a unique ticket to travel back into the 80s. Enjoy a larger-than-life digital playable museum lovely filled with historical information, fun facts tons of artworks, and much more that will fuel your nostalgia through dozens of all-time favorites titles!

Meet your Nemesis!

A sudden scream pierces through the TV screen, hordes of horrifying creatures come nearer. The muscles contract and your body can’t move!
But you must act fast if you want to survive the horrors of Resident Evil 3; set just 24 hours before the events you have experienced in Resident Evil 2, in this prequel, you must help Jill to escape from Raccoon City… now turned into a non-dead wasteland…
Dress up, load your weapon, and get ready for the baptism by fire with this unforgettable wild ride; with your precious aid, the world will survive!

It’s time to face the end!

Experience the epic conclusion of the long-time Mishima clan war with Tekken 7 Ultimate Edition!
Jin Kazama, the Zaibatsu’s President, has suddenly disappeared, Heihachi retook control preparing himself for the final struggle against Kazuya and G Corporation where the ultimate dark secrets of the Mishima clan will be revealed. The war between the Mishima Zaibatsu and G Corporation is more violent than ever! Remember, the best fights are personal!
And, if you are hungry for more fighters, more revelations, and more glory, don’t miss to get all the Season Passes; they are the greatest way to expand the universe of Tekken 7 towards unbelievable heights!

Enter the opulent Digital Heaven now!
You can experience magnificent adventures in amazing places lovely packed with reinvention, rebirth, second chances, new identities, and romance. This is a place where developers, artists, writers, and musicians from all around the world worked hard to let you say: “Wow, this is a real Gaming Wonderland”!!!


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