Densha de GO! Hashirō Yamanote-sen for PS4 – Densha ga mairimasu!

Densha de GO! Hashirō Yamanote-sen

PlayStation®4 Ι Genre: Let’s go by train!

From Shinagawa to Akabane, this was the first route of the Yamanote Line in 1885. For 18 years this primordial train line connected these two terminals passing through Meguro, Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Meguro; when during the spring of 1903, the connection between Ikebukuro and Tabata was added to the line, starting to give the shape to the rail circle that millions of people use daily.

The full circle was completed in 1925, just two years after the Great Kantō Earthquake, while its iconic green trains appeared 38 years later, in 1963, and they connect the three busiest stations of the world: Shinjuku, Shibuya & Ikebukuro. Due to this fact, the Yamanote Line is not only a train line; it is a real icon who makes Tokyo what it is. Millions of people every day get on it for commuting, tourism, and also for artistic reasons; in dozens of anime, manga, movies, and video games you may find the green trains, from Doraemon to Death Note passing through Hachi: A Dog’s Tale.
But there is only one series that allow us to conduct them, the super iconic Densha de GO!

The roots of the first (and still the greatest) train conduct simulation go back to 1996 when its huge cabinet made its appearance in the best Japanese arcades. Including the Yamanote Line, the Tōkaidō Line, the Keihin-Tōhoku Line, and the San’in Main Line; the first Densha de GO! has paved the rails to something never seen before. With 15 different games; we can say that practically all the most important train lines of Japan have been recreated for the joy of millions of players worldwide. Finally this week the 16th installment will depart to reach PlayStation 4.
Let’s wait for the green light for playing with Densha de GO! Hashirō Yamanote-sen!

Train departing from Platform PS4!

If you have visited Tokyo, will surely remember its scenic stations; and in Densha de GO! Hashirō Yamanote-sen for PS4 you can do transit through them in the first person leading all the people who rely on this essential public service.
Drive the train clockwise or counter-clockwise doing your part both in the arcade mode (in which you are called to clear over 200 specific missions) or in the free mode (in which you can let show the beauties of Tokyo from a very unique perspective).

Anyway, whatever you choose, from the moment you press the start button, you have to take note of the direction of doors opening and closing, make announcements, and then take note not to exceed the speed limit, finally stopping the train at the right spot. Like real life, In order to drive a train safely, there are many small steps to follow!
Don’t forget that if you want to enjoy a very immersive PlaySession; Densha de GO! Hashirō Yamanote-sen supports the PlayStation VR device, wear the visor and you feel like you are in the heart of the vibrant and crowded capital of Japan.

Let’s fulfill your childhood dreams to become a train conductor!
Even if simple at a first glance; in Densha de GO! Hashirō Yamanote-sen for PS4 there is an exceptionally long list of things to do as a driver to ensure the safe ferrying of passengers to their destinations. You will need to open the door for passengers, listen to radio communication, set directional indicators, and more. With the strong support of the Japan Railways, this title welcomes you to enjoy a ride on the legendary Yamanote Line digitally or physically.


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