SaGa Collection for NS – Reflections of the (glorious) past!

SaGa Collection

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: JRPG Retrospective

Final Fantasy & Dragon Quest are surely the most renowned IPs created by Squaresoft in the 80s; but during the decades this company brought us many other interesting (and sometimes quite obscure) titles such as Aliens: Alien 2 for MSX, Square no Tom Sawyer for Famicom, or Suishō no Dragon for Famicom Disk System that was also the first game which included some anime scenes created for the occasion from Sunrise.

By the way, after them, Squaresoft tried to innovate the world of JRPG with the creation of Makai Toushi SaGa better known outside Japan as Final Fantasy Legend. Born from the brilliant mind of Akitoshi Kawazu; Makai Toushi SaGa is the successful attempt to bring on console the mechanics who made Dungeons & Dragons so popular worldwide. Including turn-based battles, nonlinear stories, action statistics, and an extremely free characters’ customization system; SaGa was an actual bet not only for Kawazu-san but for the whole company.

All for one!

Composed by 14 episodes, through 30 years of glorious history; SaGa has appeared on the most successful game machines… from Gameboy to PlayStation 4 passing through Super Famicom, PSX, and also mobile devices. Selling more than 2 million copies worldwide; the first chapter has been voted as one of the best video games of all time in Famitsu’s “All-Time Top 100” poll.

Due to its popularity SaGa crossed the digital gaming world reach the worlds of manga and theatrical productions. In fact, Japanese fans could relive these adventures from a live perspective by watching wonderful live adaptations like SaGa THE STAGE: Shichi Eiyū no Kikan or Romancing SaGa THE STAGE: Roānu ga Moeru Hi. To celebrate the 30th anniversary in the most lovely way; from today everyone can play (again) the firsts three chapters on Nintendo Switch with SaGa Collection!

Many players, many paths!

Featuring Makai Toushi SaGa (The Final Fantasy Legend), SaGa2: Hihō Densetsu (Final Fantasy Legend II) & SaGa 3: Jikū no Hasha (Final Fantasy Legend III); this is the greatest compilation that gathers three of the most entertaining ‘n unconventional JRPGs of all time.
Get ready for a fantastic journey among four wide worlds to save Paradise from the invasion of the Ashura hellish hordes; recover the 77 lost pieces of the mystic stone Magi before the world is destroyed by an apocalyptic calamity; go back to the origin of the universe when the inhabitants of Pureland won a war against the merciless powerful Water Entity, and travel among the ages to prevent its return collecting the parts of the only weapon who can defeat it once for all… the ship Talon.

Many different stories await only to be lived by you; in SaGa Collection for Nintendo Switch nothing is what it seems…choose who you want to be and how you travel to determine the outcome of the story. Playing it extensively to unlock dozens of rewarding side-quests; they will let you uncover many precious weapons, items, and spells jealousy hidden in the most remote corners of the planet. Will you be a Hero of Salvation or a Bringer of Destruction? It’s up to you! But don’t forget that any decision leads to consequences, so careful what you wish for because might come true!

Enhanced by unforgettable extras such as high-speed mode, better resolution, and much more; SaGa Collection for Nintendo Switch is a hugely immersive retrospective that makes us understand why after 30 years this series is still considered a classic by all the JRPG lovers of all latitudes.
Live the stories of hundreds of generations of heroes only digitally, and prepare yourself for a truly adventurous experience that can’t be find anywhere else!


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