Harvest Moon: One World for PS4 & NS – One world, many crops!

Harvest Moon: One World

PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: One farm in one world

Landwirtschaft, Ebyamalimiro, ਖੇਤੀਬਾੜੀ, Tetanèn, 農業, ᐱᕈᕐᓰᓂᖅ ᓂᐅᕐᕈᑎᒃᓴᓕᐊᕆᓪᓗᒋᑦ… so many terms to definy the first, and still most important human activity: Agriculture!

Since our appearance on Earth, humankind has always fed with the fruits of the land; in many museums all around the world can still observe ancient agricultural tools such as proto-ploughs & proto-hoes, pots, and an immense amount of seeds. So, it’s natural that through the civilizations this fundamental activity has been blessed by many gods and goddesses. If we are referring to ancient China; we can’t avoid writing that the First Emperor every spring set a ceremonial plowing in a sacred field richly ornamented with sacred symbols to grant a rich harvest to all of his subjects. To make the ceremony even more solemn, a clay-made monstrous cow was carried near the field, and as soon as the emperor finished the plowing, the cow was broken, and the powder scattered on it to ensure a very good crop.

Obviously, the harvest is essential for the well being of the people; this is why in 1578 the naturalist Li Shihzhen compiled the important Compendium of Materia Medica (本草纲目), a book that includes the detailed description of 1892 botanical species & 8160 prescriptions for medical use. In practically all civilizations exist agricultural treatises who are consecrated to deities; just to name a few, Daikokuten from Japan, Lahar from Mesopotamia, Neper from Egypt, or Dewi Sri from Bali assured the livelihood to billions of people at the four corners of the world. But what if one of these important patrons should suddenly disappear from the world? Well, the answer lies in the incredible Harvest Moon: One World for PS4 & NS!

Farming is hope!

The much-beloved Harvest Goddess left our dimension, but before her voyage to the celestial plains, she gave us plenty of seeds and techniques for our prosperity. Helped by the mystical Harvest Wisps, humankind could cultivate many vegetables and fruits to live peacefully. But ancient texts say that that there are some secrets seeds hidden in the vast world; now it’s our turn to accompany the young adventurers Courtney & Ryan to discover all of them before they are lost forever.

Finally with Harvest Moon: One World, the latest episode of the legendary long-lasting crop simulation saga, we have the unique opportunity to travel a vast world. In there we can visit many different regions to discover many different seeds. Thanks to the powers of the Harvest Wisps; we can import new techniques and new fruits to rural communities who live on the high mountains of Salmiakki or in the hot desert of Pastilla (where apparently nothing grows).

Back to nature!

As an actual voyage towards knowledge, Harvest Moon: One World for PS4 & NS is an absolutely inclusive title that portrays different cultures and habits; all of them enrich our souls this is why in this title we are encouraged to meet and talk with as many people as you can… after all we all live in one world. Our actions and decisions have tremendous weight during the adventure; let’s find the answers to many [not only] agricultural questions, forge unbreakable bonds with new people, and wander down previously unexplored paths. This and much more are included in the new Harvest Moon chapter!

Combining RPG + Simulation mechanics; can agriculture be represented in such a wondrous way? If it’s Harvest Moon: One World for PS4 & NS, the answer is yes!
Travel the world (and maybe the seven seas) digitally or physically; we are ready to start an epic journey that can feed it…


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