Yakuza: Like a Dragon for PS5 – The New Dragon awakes!

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

PlayStation®5 Ι Genre: A dramatically epic adventure

If you have seen Kitano Takeshi or Miike Takashi movies you surely experience the Yakuza Mythology!
While in reality yakuza is nothing but a criminal syndicate dedicated to illegal activities; in fiction, Yakuza members are mostly seen as “tragic heroes” who use violence to help common people from the harassment of the rulers. For example the classic drama Chūshingura, we follow the story of the 47 ronin forced to commit seppuku. This fact allowed them to enter into legend; since 1908 this story appeared on celluloid extending its popularity outside Japan.

8-9-3 Legacy!

As an example of honor and loyalty; these leaderless samurai warriors are used by Yakuza families to build their “myth” among common people. Thanks mainly to opuses like Crying Freeman, Brother, or Midnight Diner; many people could learn about some of their codes of behavior that have been consolidated over time.
But more than any other media; only the Yakuza series allow us to climb the ranks of the Japanese criminal underworld in a so faithful, exciting, and immersive way!

Developed by Sega, and written by Toshihiro Nagoshi with the collaboration of the novelist Hase Seishū (who helped him in the firsts two episodes); Yakuza or Ryū ga Gotoku follow the adventures of Kazuma Kiryu (a.k.a. The Dragon of Dōjima), the most famous member of the Tojo Clan. In six main chapters together with a large number of spin-offs, Yakuza became a commercial and critical success with more than 10 million copies sold worldwide. But everything reaches an end, and now it’s time to live the adventure of Ichiban Kasuga with Yakuza: Like a Dragon for PlayStation 5!

Prisoner of Shangri-La!

Born inside the Shangri-La soapland in 1977, since he was a newborn he tasted the bitterness of life. In fact, his mother which worked as a prostitute abandoned him in a Kamurochō’s alley; and his extended family was composed of a bar owner and the whole homeless community who live in West Park. All of them worked hard to raise this child in the best way possible looking after him. But the street life is very harsh, especially if you don’t have any money, so with advancing age Ichiban left the school turning himself into a budding mugger.

The things proceeded relatively well, until the day he tried to rob a Yakuza sending him to the hospital with multiple fractures. In the search for revenge; these thugs captured and tortured him half to death believing he was a member of the rival Arakawa Family. When they called the highly respected Oyabun Masumi Arakawa; he cut his finger taking the responsibility for what happened, adopting Ichiban. With an enormous debt of gratitude to pay, Ichiban started to follow Arakawa-san everywhere determined to become a Yakuza too, but only after 100 days he agreed to let enter him into the Family…

Yokohama is the Promised Land!

On 31st of December, 2000, Arakawa called Ichiban into his office to ordered him to take the blame for the murder of a member of the Sakaki clan; obeying without question, the next day he confessed all to the police getting an 18-year sentence. When Ichiban gets out of prison in 2019, he discovered that no one was waiting for him, and when he reached the patriarch for a confrontation, he simply shoots him carrying the body far from Kamurochō, in a dump located in Isezaki Ijinchō, Yokohama.

Once he woke-up the first person he sees was a Namba, a former doctor that now lives as homeless in this part of the town; curing all the injuries saving him from certain death. Now Ichiban needs your help to discover the truth behind the Arakawa Family.

Ichiban, you really are the greatest one!

Featuring a totally revamped battle system; the seventh chapter of this worldwide acclaimed saga has been developed to provide a revolutionary experience to all old & new fans. In fact for the very first time; the Yakuza series abandoned its peculiar hyper-action fighting system for something more tactical; the innovative “Real-Time RPG Battle”. As the greatest JRPG such as Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy, even in Yakuza: Like a Dragon for PS5; you must choose your class between Dancer, Fortune Teller, Riot Police, Idol, Bodyguard, and Host.

Each of them has its own skills and abilities that will allow you to make every fight unique. For example, if you need a more magical approach against the opponents then the Fortune Teller is your job, otherwise, if healing is required, Idol’s songs are what you’re looking for. But it’s not the average turn-based system you could experience in dozens of other titles; in this game, each fight will be determined by several real-time elements. You can still launch trash cans or bicycles over the enemies, and if a car runs full throttle you can calculate the perfect timing to inflict A LOT of damage let hitting them.

Prepare yourself for a new exciting adventure in Japan’s criminal underworld. Sees how an aspiring antihero can crack skulls, and break spines with aplomb to search the truth about his former mentor. Mystery, intrigue, money, and power await you in Yakuza: Like a Dragon for PlayStation 5. Twice bigger than Kamurochō; engage intense brutal clashes within the vibrant and often dangerous streets of Isezaki Ijinchō.
This a game where only the strongest will survive, affiliate to your nearest family digitally or physically!

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