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A-Train: All Aboard! Tourism

Nintendo Switch Ι Railway Tycoon Simulator

It’s obvious that Japan is the land of subcultures, only here new styles pop up every day; some of them last only for few weeks while other ones continue for many years crossing the sea to reach the rest of the world. All of us are more or less familiar with Cosplay, Visual Kei, or Bosozoku subcultures; in fact in every area of Japan, from megalopolis to little rural villages, we may find examples of these. But in the long, rich subculture history of it, we may also find something unique like the Train Boys!

A premise is essential. Imagine living in the richest period of your country, everyday innovations from the four corners of the world arrive, making it a sort of real wonderland filled with faith in the future… these are the conditions in which Train Boys flourished. Most of them belong to the young scions of the elite who attend prestigious schools and universities. Saw not only as a mean of transport, for them, trains are much more… they are also a vehicle for imaginary worlds; steam locomotives before and high-speed shinkansen later, thanks to the activities of Train Boys, they have been included in hundreds of books, manga, anime and video games that still nowadays give us to unique opportunity to travel towards the extraordinary.

A voyage to the astonishing!

Night on the Galactic Railroad, Galaxy Express 999, Kamen Rider Den-O & Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion owe their existence to this subculture; especially to Tetsudō, the very first magazine who showed the wonders of railways to millions of children throughout the country.

Even today the legacy of Train Boys continues with videogames; especially with the legendary series A-Train!
Left the station in 1985, the first chapter was available primarily for personal computers including FM-7, NEC PC-8801, NEC PC-9801, X1 Turbo, MZ-2500, MSX2, and Nintendo Famicom. Due to its deep & innovative gameplay system; A-Train or as it is known in Japan A Ressha de Ikō (A列車で行こう) is played by millions of people worldwide. Made by 16 episodes released for PC, PC-Engine, Super Famicom, Sega Megadrive, PlayStation, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, PS4, PSVR, and mobile devices; tomorrow the next chapter will arrive at Nintendo station with A-Train: All Aboard! Tourism for Nintendo Switch!

The train is always the best!

Contemporary Train Boys, finally A-Train: All Aboard! Tourism for Nintendo Switch is here!
Combining railway wonders with the most beautiful locations of Japan; in this new chapter, we are called to build the empire of our dreams connecting hundreds of tourist attractions. Even if you are a fan of model railroading or not, this title is something you should try in case you are in need of faithfully wonderful simulations. Lay down the track, anthropize the landscape, and use all of your business strategic skills to design the best railroad system capable to attract millions of passengers a year. When construction is complete; don’t forget to keep the people happy offering them the most pleasant trip of their life!

Infused with excellence, A-Train: All Aboard! Tourism for NS needs devotion to be mastered at the highest level (and eventually make us insanely rich tycoons); featuring an eternal gameplay system, crispy graphics, legendary recreated locations, and much more, this game is simply a must-have!!!
Start to run a business from your home digitally or physically; don’t call A-Train: All Aboard! Tourism for Nintendo Switch train simulator. It is much more; this game is an actual country simulation where everything is interconnected. Train Boys, enjoy your trip throughout Japan!


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