PlayStation Store Tokyo Game Show 2021 Sale – Let’s アソボウ!!!

The next edition of the Tokyo Game Show is just around the corner, and to celebrate the most gaming event of the year Sony gives us the chance to get hundreds of rigorously made-in-Japan titles with up to 80% off discount!
We are pretty sure that many new games will be announced during those 4 days of ultrapop coolture, and to kill the time, we’re ready for long and exciting gameplay sessions (‘cause we’re all hardcore gamers after all)!
So, let’s grab the pad, and get ready for the next level of gamawesomeness!

Scarlet Nexus – 35% OFF

Experience the new level of human evolution with Scarlet Nexus for PS5 & PS4!
In the next future, a horde of invaders will descend from the sky to eradicate our existence nourishing human brains; luckily a new army of enhanced-people known as Other Suppression Force can give us a hope of survival using their psychic powers… strike faster than light as the new OSF soldier Yuito Sumeragi and save us all!
Combining an unbelievable fast-paced battle system, an intricate compelling story, and one of the coolest graphics on the current generations of consoles; this is a timeless adventure that will become a true classic in no time.
Bringing all the brainpunk philosophy on PS5 & PS4; this game will blow [y]our mind away!

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade – 29% OFF

The most awaited remake ever is available for PlayStation 5 (with tons of improvements and the exclusive Episode INTERmission starring Yuffie 😉)… sharpen the Buster Sword for Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade!
Join the Avalanche Resistance, and live a brand new story in Midgar, also known as the City of Mako. Here the megacorporation called Shinra uses the Mako energy to dominate all aspects of life…
But, Avalanche decided to save the planet to certain ruin to blow up one of the Mako reactors, and to do it they recruit a blonde warrior; Cloud Strife. He’s a former member of Shinra’s elite guard, SOLDIER; even if initially he shows no emotion and no principles, this apparent suicide mission will lead all the Gaia’s living beings to face their destiny…
Estuans Interius
Ira vehemti

Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection – 25% OFF

Join the super shadow warrior Ryu Hayabusa, wielding your faithful katana with Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection for PS4!
Including Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 & Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge; this compilation celebrates one of the most important superstars of the whole industry. Implementing an extreme non-stopping action;  all the three titles give us the chance to take part in adrenaline-filled brawls in which only the greatest warriors can test their might against thousands of (apparently) unstoppable hordes of enemies. Slice your way through all the looooong levels, learn new spells, and restore the peace as well as the good name of the Hayabusa clan…
All we together can make the difference to stop everything wrong!

Judge Eyes: wills of death Remastered – 35% OFF

The release of Lost Judgment is near; don’t get caught unprepared and live the first adventure of Takayuki Yagami more beautifully with Judge Eyes: wills of death Remastered for PS5!
In this spin-off of the worldwide beloved Yakuza series; we must investigate a series of horrible murders around Kamuro-cho that have been perpetrated without any apparent scheme. The police are fishing in the dark, and night by night this once vibrant district is shutting down. To stop this bloody escalation as quickly as possible the former lawyer Takayuki Yagami hung up the suit to go down in the streets as a detective. Thanks to his exceptional intuition and a vast network of connections, he can solve the case before the official channels.
Featuring a melodramatic story in the purest Yakuza style; let’s team up with Yagami-san to help him to unravel this gruesome mystery…

Witness all the glory of Japanese video games with the Tokyo Game Show sale & our instant digital cards, thousands of different, original, and explosive gameplay experiences will let you shout “Viva Japan“!

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