Blue Reflection: Second Light Demo Now Available + Post-Launched Updates Revealed

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Blue Reflection: Second Light

PS4™ & Switch – US & EU

As the release date of Blue Reflection: Second Light in the West is fast approaching, Koei Tecmo and Gust keep on dropping new updates.

The demo for this RPG is now available for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Players can experience the Prologue and the Story Demo. If you finish the Prologue during the demo period, you will obtain “Bunny – Head Accessory” and the Fragment “Preparing for the Unknown” as bonuses when you update to the full version.

Along with the demo, Koei Tecmo and Gust have also revealed the post-launch updates for Blue Reflection: Second Light.

Here are the full details below via Koei Tecmo.

Furthermore, Gust Studios announced a number of free updates arriving to Blue Reflection: Second Light after the game’s initial release.

The first update will hit November 23 and will include all new Photo Mode filters, including watercolor and hatching, along with the ability to take photos of the characters in Reflector form.

On December 21, all new photo frames and idol poses will be available in Photo Mode, along with the ability to build a Photo Studio in school development, plus the addition of a more hardcore difficulty mode aptly named MUST DIE. The MUST DIE content throws the students into extremely challenging battles, where the enemies are not only more powerful, but the likelihood of the enemies dropping items also increases.

Additional Photo Mode updates will also be available January 14, 2022, including a Pixel Art filter, along with more unique poses to help add even more variety to your array of snapshots.

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Game Overview

Blue Reflection: Second Light is the sequel of the JRPG Blue Reflection that was released for PC, PS4, and PS Vita in 2017. The sequel is now available in Japan and Asia as it was released on October 21. Now, it’s time for the West to experience this RPG. 

Check out the game’s official description below via Koei Tecmo.

Blue Reflection: Second Light follows the adventures of three students–Ao Hoshizaki, Kokoro Utsubo, and Yuki Kinjou—who find themselves transported to a mysterious floating academy, searching for clues to find their way back home, with only their names as memories. One day, a path leading to a new land appears, but when the three protagonists set off to unravel the mystery, they’re met by a series of deadly monsters. By battling the fiendish creatures, they unlock unknown powers that only seem to deepen the cryptic nature of their surroundings. Throughout the adventure, the three friends cooperate and struggle to make their everyday-life as rich and as fun as possible. While spending every day trapped in this unknown world, the characters’ true feelings and personalities will be revealed, and as their bonds grow deeper, they will acquire new strengths and abilities.

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Blue Reflection: Second Light, Blue Reflection, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Switch, US, Europe, gameplay, features, release date, trailer, screenshots

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Blue Reflection: Second Light, Blue Reflection, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Switch, US, Europe, gameplay, features, release date, trailer, screenshots

Meanwhile, the JP and Asia versions are available in both Standard and Limited Editions. So, what are you waiting for? Grab yours now! 


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Note: The availability of all items is subject to change without prior notice.

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  • Strengthening bonds – While spending every day together, their true feelings and personalities will be revealed. As your bonds grow deeper, you will acquire new strength in battle
  • Crafting together – Depending on who you craft with, the completed item’s properties can change. It can also trigger a special conversation
  • Build the ideal academy – Your friends will tell you what new installations they wish for. After setting them up, you will be able to go there together. There will also be surprising installations!
  • Reflector Form – Using the power of their rings, Ao and her friends summon unique weapons and change into their “Reflector” battle forms to combat monsters and other encounters
  • Exhilarating Real Time Battles – Battles happen in real time. Transform into Reflector form and strike down enemies in one blow using the rings’ mysterious power
  • Intense Close Combat – Against a powerful opponent, after managing to make the enemy falter, a “One-on-One” phase will begin. During this phase, after a certain amount of combos are inflicted, a super-powerful attack, the “One-on-One Finisher” will be unleashed



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