Digital Heaven – It’s Friday, close the work apps, and start to play!

I don’t care if Monday’s blue
Tuesday’s grey and Wednesday too
Thursday, I don’t care about you
It’s Friday, I’m in love
Yeah, Robert Smith knows our feelings, and Friday is the best day to delve into our favorite games; this means that we can discover dozens of unmissable digital games for PC at a very unbeatable price!
Download them instantly on your computer; finally, the Digital Heaven gates are finally open, this is why we really love Fridays!
Have a happy digital weekend all!

Coffee first. Chit-chat later.

Yes! Everyone should believe in something, and we believe to have another coffee while we’re playing with Coffee Talk!
In this unique visual novel, we act like real bartenders welcoming our customers including elves, vampires, mermaids, aliens, and many other races serving them the best drinks in town. Everyone who gets through the doors can relax, chat, and not least talk about problems of daily life. Listen to their stories and provide them valuable advice to solve even the most intricated situations. The seats are comfy, the lighting is low, and the drinks are something exceptional.
Let feel old and new customers welcome preparing exquisite beverages, original small dishes, all seasoned with friendly delights!

Brawlers… Squad Up!

Shoves, spins, and, obviously, spectacular dunks take the town with Knockout City!
If you’ve SOMEHOW never heard of this glorious sport, it’s basically a lot of great crews battling each other with super-powerful balls in pure Dodgeball-O-Rama style… That’s amazing we know!
Exaggerate matches & outrageous moves make up the core KOC experience, elevating the already intense gameplay to new heights. Take control of the league, prove you’re the best of the best by competing against players from around the globe; this is a real dodge dunk!

It’s never too late to farm!

Build the farm of your dreams with Farming Simulator 22!
Using hundreds of vehicles, tools, crops, trees, and animals, get ready to start farming on a whole new level. Feel the countryside setting of the game and play the role of a modern-day farmer. After completing different missions, we have the opportunity to control hundreds of farming vehicles and machines like New Holland, Case IH, John Deere, and many others.
Including new maps, new crops, and the innovative seasonal cycles set in European and American environments; don’t miss the chance to create, personalized, and run your own farm in a huge, totally new world!

Slave. Barbarian. Warrior. Thief. King

Enter in the mythical Hyborian Age, set in the dark centuries between the sinking of Atlantis and the dawn of history. An era where a man’s life was worth no more than the strength of his sword. It’s time to enter into the raw, untamed world of Conan Exiles Isle of Siptah Edition!

Set in a vivid and emotionally full fantasy world, in this open-world sandbox game you must flex your muscles to survive in an exceptionally detailed savage world faithfully recreated based on Howard’s tales. Heroically filled with warfares, dungeons, ancient civilizations, and hundreds of characters to interact with, you can build a great empire challenging all the other eager clans. Only Conan knows the difference between a subtle profiteer and a truly menacing foe; experience all the fury, the passion, and the power of the mighty Conan… the greatest barbarian hero ever!

Enter the opulent Digital Heaven now!
You can experience magnificent adventures in amazing places lovely packed with reinvention, rebirth, second chances, new identities, and romance. This is a place where developers, artists, writers, and musicians from all around the world worked hard to let you say: “Wow, this is a real Digital Gaming Wonderland”!!!


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