With a body and strength like this, Mai has more than a chance!


Since its first appearance on April 26, 1990; the Neo•Geo brought hundreds of peculiar characters which became in a very short time some of the most beloved ones both in gaming and cosplay communities from all over the world.
Fighters like Terry and Andy Bogard from Fatal Fury, Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia from Art of Fighting, or Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami from The King of Fighters created a real subculture that inspired millions of people at every corner of the world. But as you maybe already know, SNK hasn’t created only wildly burly testosterone-powered macho-men; in fact, Shin Nihon Kikaku gave us also a whole generation of charming estrogen-filled girls that can easily compete with their male counterparts in many fierce fighting tournaments!

Superstars like Athena Asamiya, Nakoruru, or Yuri Sakazaki are considered the stylish side of the SNK universe, but among them, there’s a character who can beat them all in terms of charm and fighting skills… the one and only Mai Shiranui!
Appeared initially in Fatal Fury 2 as the girlfriend of Andy Bogard; the so-called “Attractive Kunoichi” [魅惑の女忍者] is not only a gorgeous girl but also a master of the peculiar style of ninjitsu called Shiranui-ryū; this deadly fighting technique mix faster than lightning blows with mystic fire to create an unbeatable martial art. Endowed with a strong personality, she always supports her friends of the Team Women Fighters and this kindness turned her into one of the greatest warrior princesses not only in the King of Fighters series but also in the extremely crowded gaming multiverse!

Now, do you understand? I’ve both beauty and ability!

With the release of the ultra appealing Mai Shiranui figure from The King of Fighters ’98 Dream Match Never Ends just in time with the new The King of Fighters XV releases, the timing couldn’t be better for fans of this venerable character. Wearing her traditional red costume, Japan’s No.1 gal-fighter figure represents faithfully her vision of power and excitement; Mai is truly in an explosion of action!
See how a spark of fire dancing in her eyes… yes, the determination burning in her soul, and we can read it in her pose; she’s waiting for the next challenger (Andy maybe?!) in the crowded Japan Street Stage, which is inspired to the real street near the Esaka Train Station & the SNK headquarter in Osaka. Once you have the heiress of the Shiranui clan on your side, the victory will be at hand… she is going to take what she wants and nothing is going to stand in her way!
Display Mai on the best shelf of the house, she is the very image of a fiery phoenix that rises from the ashes!


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