Digital Heaven – It’s Friday, close the work apps, and start to play!

I don’t care if Monday’s blue
Tuesday’s grey and Wednesday too
Thursday, I don’t care about you
It’s Friday, I’m in love
Yeah, Robert Smith knows our feelings, and Friday is the best day to delve into our favorite games; this means that we can discover dozens of unmissable digital games for PC at a very unbeatable price!
Download them instantly on your computer; finally, the Digital Heaven gates are finally open, this is why we really love Fridays!
Have a happy digital weekend all!

Bring skateboarding to life!

Show’em what you can do with OlliOlli World!
Armed with your skateboard, train your skills in the colorful world of Radlandia to perform the biggest and coolest combos and take your style to the next level; perfection is the only thing you need to rule the leader-boards and reach the Gnarvana!
Shake up all the Radlandias, and impress them with an aggressive style, out-of-the-world moves, and street smARTs; so radical as anything else, this game is a must-have if you’re hungry for speed and excitement… This is truly skating action at its best!

Never gonna give you up!

Forget the old pulp detectives… the next revolution of investigation is Gamedec!
Based on the novels written by Marcin Przybyłek; this game catapults us into a cyberpunk city where nothing is at it seems; with dozens of cases to solve, and a lot of people to interact with, we must rely on all of our deductive skills to fix the problems in the Sensory Worlds. Explore a gritty, urban near-future ruled by megacorporations; only a detective can unveil the darkest secrets of people, and bring the culprits to justice.
Keep in mind that both inside and outside virtual worlds, anything is possible!

Enter the opulent Digital Heaven now!
You can experience magnificent adventures in amazing places lovely packed with reinvention, rebirth, second chances, new identities, and romance. This is a place where developers, artists, writers, and musicians from all around the world worked hard to let you say: “Wow, this is a real Digital Gaming Wonderland”!!!


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