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During the exploration for new materials to produce more powerful battle ships, the Material Forces discovered a space mine on the enemy territories. Then the scientists began to analyze the material and concluded they had found the one material to lead 'em all - they called it DUX.The scientists used it to assemble a prototype battle ship with more power than any others in the space to lead the fight against the Spiritual Spacers. Somehow the material seemed to be instable and the use of the assembled ship seemed highly risky, so that a lot of the scientists fell away from the project.Since there hasn't been any other choice, the forces were forced to let it fly. Now you pilot this ship to reach the obvious. Good luck!Dux is a shooting game for Sega Dreamcast developed by HUCAST.net & KonTechs Ltd. This game combines traditional gameplay with modern shoot 'em up features such as many bullets on-screen and an adequate scoring system. To make advantages of the Dreamcast's 2D capabilities, the game completely consist out of CGI and features high-resolution with super smooth graphics.
This is a CD-ROM based product and might not be compatible with some Dreamcast™ consoles manufactured after October 2000.

This software is not officially licensed, designed, manufactured, distributed or endorsed by Sega.

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Pretty graphics, nice music and rock hard
Fun shoot-em-up with very pretty pastel graphics, and nice music. The difficulty is unforgiving, in a masochistically good way. The way it handles restart/continue/quit is a bit confusing at first.

Worth mentioning is that this game has the highest quality packaging I've ever seen for a game - the paper quality and print quality on both the manual and CD itself is unbelievable.
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Above review.
The rating for my Dux review was supposed to be 2 stars!
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I wanted to like Dux...
I really wanted to like this game, but I don't. Boring gameplay doesn't help, but the worst part is the colour clashes and bullets blending into the background make playing the game a frustrating experience. Kudos to the developer for trying something different but it doesn't look like it was tested too well. With more testing and bug fixing, as well as fixing the bullet issues this game could have been much better.
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fun game
great game, and better visuals then you would expect from a home brew game. I do admit, there is a huge nostalgia factor in my review since it is on dreamcast, and it is a shooter. but nonetheless this is a well made game. highly recommended
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Easily one of the most dislikeable games I've ever played. Worst shootemup on the DC by far.

*BORING enemy and boss design.
*No difficulty levels.
*Enemies and bullets blend into the background.
*Automatic continue(WTF?).
*Bugs and glitches.
*Checkpoints that you have to "collect"
*The controls suck (no auto-fire) and you can't change them.

Avoid at all costs.
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