A Book That Allows You To Play Piano Suddenly In 90 Minutes Even If You Don't Read The Score

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A Book That Allows You To Play Piano Suddenly In 90 Minutes Even If You Don't Read The Score

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I can't read the score, can I still play it? "

"There is no staff notation in the main lesson! You don't need the power to read the score."

"I want to be able to play with both hands together!"

"With a total of 121 sound sources for each part of the right and left hands.
Even beginners can play with both hands suddenly! "

"I'm inexperienced, but I wish I could play it lightly ..."

"Understanding while playing the mechanism of music!
You will be able to play immediately with just a simple rule! "

Regardless of talent or previous experience
You can play the piano
This 90 minute lesson.
Even if you are not confident, it's okay if you feel like "I want to play!"
Even if you have no music experience or you can't read the score
Explain the tips to easily play the piano!
Best-selling over 40,000 copies
By the author of "Introduction to Composition in 3 Days to Learn While Making"
Piano lessons for beginners who have never touched the piano.

The author was learning the piano when he was in elementary school, he was frustrated because he had a hard time practicing the same song for months and going to the classroom for years. Based on that experience, apply the knowledge of composition. Play the piano once for 90 minutes and have fun. I started a course to understand music
(So ​​it's also recommended for people who used to learn the piano but can't play it now ... ").

Everyone once at the piano at the station, airport, or shop. Have you ever thought "I wish I could play a song quickly"?
In order to achieve this, in this book, "If you don't play according to the score, you'll make a mistake."
Forget the concept once.

Acquisition of knowledge to play according to the score is postponed. First, learn how to play the "spine" of a song with just one index finger on your left hand. Once you get used to this, step up so that you can play "accompaniment" with the three fingers of your left hand. Finally, add the melody with your right hand and you will be able to play with both hands.

If you acquire "the power to make songs yourself" in this way, I'm playing the piano as I want. You will be able to hear it as a cool "song".

In the middle of these explanations, such as "How to acquire a sense of rhythm", etc. Easy-to-understand explanations of useful music skills other than the piano. The step-up version is "I want to be able to play more!"
Additional lessons for people. At the end of this book, there is also a commentary that will allow you to play "that" famous song!Many sound sources composed by the author himself are also recorded. You can learn while actually listening!

★ How to watch sound sources and videos
・ There is a URL and QR code on the next page (page 12) of the table of contents.
・ Numbers are also used in the URL.
・ Enter the URL in the address bar
・ It is convenient to register in the bookmark.

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