A Witch's Tale

Compatible with Nintendo DS™ (NDS™)
Version: US
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A Witch's Tale
A Witch's Tale
A Witch's Tale
A Witch's Tale
A Witch's Tale
A Witch's Tale
A Witch's Tale

Product Features

  • Use your stylus to draw various runes and cast powerful spells
  • All combat actions, like escape, attack, items, and casting, are executed using the touch screen
  • Easily navigate through the vast world of A Witch’s Tale with the dual screen. Your location and the land map will be displayed on the top screen
  • Search out and collect all the playing cards to unlock the secret Blackjack battles, where you can take on both enemies and friendly units

Item Description

1,000 years ago, a tribe of powerful witches who used potent, dangerous magic lived beneath the world. One day, the witches invaded the surface world. When all seemed lost, the mystical Alice appeared. She used the witches’ own magic against them and sealed them away. They say the Witch Queen still lurks beneath the land, waiting for her chance to return to power.

Customer reviews

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Very nice rpg
A witch's tale has nice graphics similar to tim burton's style however the battle system of drawing runes on the touch screen is fun in the beginning but not so after many battles. The soundtrack of the game is also really nice and at such a price you can't complain much
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A little bit of wasted potential...
I fell in love with the game the moment I took a look at its design and characters, but had to realize quickly after playing that this game could have been so much better than it actually is.

The design is just cute and really lovely, the worlds are big and nice to look at, but it's hard to keep track of where you are. Sometimes it can get hard to remember where you had to go.

The music is something I absolutely love, I got the soundtrack after playing it a few hours, just because I got so addicted to the music which fits the game and its style perfectly.

Now to something that explains why I can't give 5 stars and have to settle with 3 instead:
The battle system is the worst choice for this game. It is slow and gets boring after a few fights, you don't need to have great strategies to beat the enemies.
The enemies are no big problem and the random battles can be a pain if you have to walk from A to B to C and back to A just to deliver a item and sometimes interrupts the discovering of one of the worlds. This disturbs the flow of the game because the challenge is lost pretty quickly after starting the game and it soon changes into a nuisance to fight.
If this had been different the game would be one of the inside tips among gamers, I guess.

All in all it's a nice game.
Nothing overly special, but who likes a good soundtrack and nice graphics with lovely characters you'll fall in love with and an interesting back story, this will probably be worth its money.
If you are not in for hours of searching items and delivery jobs with random boring battles, you should tend to search for another game.
For me, this game had a lot of potential and it is really a shame this potential wasn't used properly.
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Good looking game, if a bit simplistic
I liked the 2D style of the graphics on this game, as the DS is not a very capable 3D machine....

Battles are fun, but repetitive.

All in all I liked this game, although not too much.
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