A3! Eternal God Ep

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track listing

1. GOD座コラボ公演曲A「雪炎」 / カイン&ギルバート [飛鳥晴翔、高遠丞 (CV: 市来光弘、佐藤拓也)]
2. GOD座コラボ公演曲B「Valet Resonance」 / ルッツ&サシャ [荒川志太、泉田莇 (CV: 影山達也、小西成弥)]
3. 神木坂レニキャラクターソング「永久の劇場 (テアトロ)」 / 神木坂レニ (CV: 置鮎龍太郎)
4. 飛鳥晴翔キャラクターソング「二等上等」 / 飛鳥晴翔 (CV: 市来光弘)
5. 荒川志太キャラクターソング「Come on stage!」 / 荒川志太 (CV: 影山達也)
6. 雪炎 (Instrumental)
7. Valet Resonance (Instrumental)
8. 永久の劇場 (テアトロ) (Instrumental)
9. 二等上等 (Instrumental)
10. Come on stage! (Instrumental)

Item Description

An album of songs from the collaboration performance of Godza and the handsome actor training game "A3! Includes character songs by Godza members Asuka Haruto, Arakawa Shifuto, and the leader of the troupe, Kamigizaka Reni! Cover is newly drawn by Ryo Fujiwara, the character designer. Limited time bonus: Limited illustration SR card present code! You can choose one character from either, Harusto Asuka or Shifuto Arakawa, to download. Presend code valid until April 20, 2022.

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