Ace Attorney Reed Diffuser Apollo Justice Motif - Scent Inspired by Justice Law Office

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Ace Attorney Reed Diffuser Apollo Justice Motif - Scent Inspired by Justice Law Office

Product Features

  • Material Bottle: Glass [Package (box, inner stopper)]: Paper [Cap, stick]: Plastic
  • Size: Bottle (body): height 107mm, stick insertion part: diameter 14mm, stick: height 240mm
  • Ingredients: Isoparaffin solvent, fragrance
  • Others: Sticks (6 pieces)
  • Limited availability
  • Actual product may differ from photos.

Item Description

A fragrance inspired by the Wang Deki Law Office.Following

the top note of refreshing grapefruit, the middle notes are centered around the scent of refreshing mint and marine, with accents of ginger and cassis that represent his passionate character. Masu.
The last note is woody amber musk, and it has a scent that is full of emotion, yet somehow reassuring, like the law firm of Wang Deki in a faraway land.

1. Remove the attached black cap.
2. Attach the included gold cap.
3. Insert the stick so that it spreads throughout.
*You can enjoy the scent for 1 to 1.5 months.If the suction is poor and the scent becomes weak,
please flip the stick upside down.The duration and strength of the scent will vary depending on the usage environment.

●Please do not use it for any purpose other than its intended purpose.
●Do not use near fire.
●Be sure to place the bottle on a flat and stable surface as there is a risk of the bottle falling over and spilling the contents.
●The color of the stick may be transferred to the liquid content, but this will not affect the quality.
●If the contents spill, wipe it off immediately.The painted surface may peel, stain, or become deformed.
●Please install it in a place where it will not come into contact with walls, furniture, plastic, curtains, etc., as this may cause the stick to deform or the bottle to fall over.
●Please avoid touching the stick directly during or after use.
●If it comes into contact with your skin, wash it thoroughly with soap.If it gets on your clothes, the color may fade, so please wash it immediately.
●Do not install it in a place where children can reach it or pets can get close to it.
●Please be careful not to drink it accidentally.If you accidentally drink it, drink water immediately and consult a doctor.
●If it gets into your eyes, rinse thoroughly with running water without rubbing.
●If you feel unwell while using the product, stop using it immediately and ventilate the room.
●If you experience any other abnormalities in your body while using this product, please bring this product with you and consult a specialist.

●Do not store near fire.
●Store in a cool, dark place, avoiding direct sunlight, high temperatures, and high humidity.
●Keep out of reach of children and pets.


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