Ace Combat Advance

Compatible with Game Boy Advance™ (GBA™)
Version: US
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Product Features

  • 12 missions
  • 10 aircraft to fly
  • Easy to control

Item Description

The sky's more than the limit in Ace Combat Advance.The console flying franchise debuts on the Game Boy Advance, bringing with it 12 missions and more dogfights than the Red Baron could handle.After being briefed on the mission, you get to choose which jet fits the job best. Your choice is easy at first (you only have the F-C Talon), but you will unlock up to 10 planes to fly into hostile territory.Each plane carries a unique arsenal. Air-to-air, air-to-ground and guided missiles are just a few of the explosive options.The radar at the bottom right of the screen details ground targets, tracks incoming bogeys and directs you toward mission goals. To complete your missions, you'll mostly bomb enemy strongholds and eliminate targets of interest. If you destroy enough enemy planes to earn an "S" ranking, new planes become available.Controls don't get much easier than the ones in Ace Combat Advance. Guide your air-chariot with the directional pad. The A button fires the plane's gun and B unleashes missiles. If you find yourself needing some refueling or reloading, press the Select button to call "Mother," a cargo plane that brings you supplies.

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