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Admiral Nemo digital

Compatible with Windows™ (PC)
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Admiral Nemo
Admiral Nemo
Admiral Nemo
Admiral Nemo


  • Unstoppable land-to-sea action
  • Astonishing Steampunk atmosphere
  • 100 Original locations
  • 30 Buildings (for restoration of the city)
  • 15 Types of ships and aircraft
  • 6 Opponents
  • Powerful rock soundtracks


Admiral Nemo is an arcade-style shooting gallery settled in a steampunk world. Featuring great fantasy graphics, addictive gameplay with a sprinkle of strategy Admiral Nemo will put a smile on every action gamer’s face.

Over recent years the Empire has been under constant attack by numerous foes. Capital Island quite developed in the past, now decays. Its coastal waters are literally torn by hostile states. Commander Uzman also knows as “sly”, attacks the Island from the south. It is not for nothing that he got this nickname. Often he attacks the civilian population, deprives them of food supplies – ipso facto he dooms people to starvation.

Empress Nkiru has an eye on lands from the west. Peaceful commercial power in past now provided itself with military equipment and a weakened empire is an easy prey for them. Slowly but with confidence, Navy captain Tevtar, admiral Njall’s younger brother, is approaching the empire. He is as murderous as his brother. Ashes and soot are all one can found after his forays. No salvation for the young and the old.

​Ships of admiral Njall itself, aka “hammer”, were observed to the north of the island. He is a hereditary gory barbarian. After each battle he leaves alive only one captive – this lucky man must tell the neighboring nations about the horror he has seen. To the east of the island admiral Katsu’s lands stretch. His army hasn’t been seen for a long time and it only indicates that he gains in strength and constructs more his mortal machines. One should get ready for a real war.

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