Admiral Stepinski STEAM digital

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Admiral Stepinski
Admiral Stepinski
Admiral Stepinski
Admiral Stepinski
Admiral Stepinski

Product Features

  • Fast-paced tactics where radar is important
  • If you get too powerful at beginning, you will probably lose
  • 40 maps
  • 2 short single player campaigns, 2 short co-op campaigns for two players
  • 5 factions
  • Gatling turret, laser turret, rocket turret
  • Gatling bullet hits calculated in real time
  • Shields
  • 5 types of ships
  • AI
  • online skirmish and 2 players co-op multiplayer (no lan multiplayer)

Item Description

A multiplayer, tactical, real-time strategy with spaceships.

No "winning player will always win"
When a winning player captures a lot of planets and has a lot of connections between planets, losing players can steal from him or her by crossing the connections at any point.

No "building one big army"
Every ship costs maintenance every 10 sec so no place for Huge Army tactics.

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