Aikagi 2 (Limited Edition)

Compatible with PlayStation 4™ (PS4™)
Version: Japan
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Aikagi 2 (Limited Edition)
Aikagi 2 (Limited Edition)
Aikagi 2 (Limited Edition)
Aikagi 2 (Limited Edition)

Item Description

It is spring.

It’s a wonderful start of the new semester for our protagonist— or so it should have been until the homeroom teacher suddenly summoned him out of the blue.

It seems that his childhood friend, Ayano Sumeragi, hasn’t been going to school this semester. “Did something happen to her?” wondered our protagonist with anxiety.

Our protagonist went to visit her house at the request of the homeroom teacher. What he found out was that his childhood friend was living the NEET life. She forgot that school even started because she was too engrossed in playing video games.

Of course, she got a handful from her parents after they found out. However, she may continue to live alone, independently on a few conditions.

There are two conditions that must be met:

She needs to score at least 90 on all her subjects for the next exam week.
She may not be late for school.

Truly a hopeless situation for Ayano.

She is paying the price for her own mistakes, and yet, it’s still pitiful to see. The protagonist offers to help her because of these reasons. He is asked to help her study and to wake her up every day.

“Please, you are the only one that I can count on!”

That is how our protagonist started to live together with his hopelessly NEET childhood friend.

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